To Sum It All Up…

In these ministry posts, I have tried to emphasize what real love looks like. The series Falling In Love with the One directed its readers towards a relationship with the Savior, Jesus Christ. He is the One. The only One. When He becomes our priority and the center of our attention, everything else falls in its rightful place. I have discussed this through several posts.

In “What is Love?”, the agape love of God was emphasized. If only we could grasp a picture of His great and undying love for us – we as a people, and we as individuals would be much stronger for the Kingdom of Heaven. I followed this post with “A Sure Foundation” which spoke on the emptiness that is assured without a relationship with Christ. To experience the fullness of His agape love for us, we have to have a relationship with Him. He has to be the foundation of everything that we do. With Him as a foundation, we are assured of success in the midst of all circumstances because we are leaning on Him and not on ourselves.

After those two posts, I directed readers to a post entitled “He is our Everything” which was a video link posted on Godtube. I pray that you experienced that post. It was wonderful to see a visual depiction of how straying away from Christ – chasing after the things of the flesh – will damage us and we have to fight our way through those situations to get back into right relationship with Him. And, He doesn’t sit by while we do this, He is right there with us, pulling us in. Powerful video. If you haven’t watched it, check it out in my August 27th post. As it relates to Falling in Love with the One – any relationship that takes precedence over our relationship with Christ is out-of-order.

Then I embarked on a much needed vacation – not from God – but from my daily routine. In doing so, I was able to draw much closer to God and experience Him in the Cayman Islands. The end result – I came home equipped for more ministry service. Take time to spend alone with God. We always want the typical “dinner and a movie” date, but the most rewarding dates I have been on have been with me and the Lord – allowing Him to minister to me – alone and away from the noise. In essence, get still so that you can hear from God. Get away from all of the distractions and you will surely have an encounter with Him that you will cherish.

“The Fruit of Cold Feet” encouraged you to press forward in ministry. Once you have gotten into fellowship with God and have begun experiencing His agape love for you – you are rooted in Him and have Him as your source and foundation, and you recognize that you don’t have to chase after Him because He is available and is your everything. You are spending time alone with Him (quiet time and devotional time) and serving Him in ministry (however He leads you). I encourage you not to get “cold feet.” Just do what He asks of you. He is faithful enough to keep you. All you have to do is to desire to be “kept.” Press on in His purpose for you. Our God is faithful. Whatever He says He will do, WILL COME TO PASS.

I’ve asked it once before, but I’ll ask it again – “Who wouldn’t love a Savior like that!?!” I hope that you are as in love with Him as I am.


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The Fruit of “Cold Feet”

Over the years, there have been a great many things attempted for the glory of God. Over that same period of time, the things attempted do not equal to the things completed. There are a variety of reasons for why these great many things have not all been completed. Some of it is a result of realizing that we were on the wrong path; some is a result of someone else having already executed the idea wonderfully and we do not wish to add-on to it; and it could even be the case that somewhere along the way, we got the vision and also got “cold feet” in the execution thereof. It is this last area that we will consider in this post.

When we have high aspirations to do something good that will benefit the Kingdom of God, we can be sure to count on opposition – internally and externally. Internally, it may take the form of lack of commitment or even that we are “too tired” to complete the task set aside for that day. Externally, we engage ourselves in a multitude of activities that take us away from our main goal. Yet, beneath it all is another reason for why our aspirations are not taking the full shape that they should in the time that they should. We have “cold feet.”

How can we make such a diagnosis? Simply by observing. Here are some fruit (there are more I am sure) of “cold feet”.

1. Worry and Pride. If you complete this thing that will serve for the glory of the Kingdom of God, “what will people say?” Will they begin to think of you as some religious freak? Will they begin to avoid you for fear that you will want to witness to them about your God? Or, better yet, if we are not concerned about the opinions of others, we find ourselves concerned about the constraints this commitment will impose on our own lives. “If I commit to do this, then will I have to…” – you fill in the blank. These fears constrain us from moving forward – effectively stopping us “cold” in our ministry tracks.

2. Pacing and timing. If there is one thing that I know to be true, there is a time and order to things in the Kingdom of God. Sometimes, because of our “cold feet” we do not move when He instructs us to do so and thereby miss ministry opportunities. Think about it. The person that expressed something to you or shared something with you and you had a Scripture on your heart but because of whatever reason, you didn’t share this with them…you remember… you missed a ministry opportunity. The fruit was ripe before us and we failed to harvest it because of our “cold feet”.

3. Sorrow. Perhaps sorrow is the ultimate end result of “cold feet”. Whenever we have “defrosted” our toes and gotten ourselves together, we recognize the opportunities that have passed us by – they parade by us in our memories – we begin thinking about the ramifications of our “cold feet” and begin with the “would have, could haves.” Ah – the fruit of “cold feet”.

Alas, there is a cure for “cold feet!” Instead of looking in the mirror at opportunities long past, I invite you now to make a commitment to Kingdom building. Cast down worry, pride, slackness and sorrow. As the series on Falling In Love with the One takes it form, I hope that you now know that the One that desires and deserves your attention is the Lord Jesus Christ. As the church, we are His bride. He does not desire that we have “cold feet” towards Him. Rather, He would that we commit to Him wholeheartedly.

Joshua perhaps said it best when in 24:15 he said “And if it seem evil unto you to serve the LORD, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.” I do not detect any “cold feet” there!

I encourage you, as even I encourage myself, to make a daily commitment and reaffirmation to serve God with fullness and gladness of heart, being constant and faithful to Him – pressing on and through any insecurities that we have. Choosing to serve anything or anyone other than the Lord God first and foremost seems a most senseless conclusion – particularly in light of how we know that this whole world will end as told in the book of Revelation.

If you have started on this journey and have somewhere along the way gotten “cold feet” – will you take a moment to reflect on the goodness of God and His supremacy in your life? If you can’t seem to come up with anything that He’s done for you – do this one thing – breathe… in and out… in and out…. He’s given you breath of life – without which life is not sustainable. We all have so much to be thankful for and so little room for “cold feet.”

There is a song whose lyrics read “I have decided to follow Jesus …no turning back… no turning back. Do not let the fruit of fearfulness nor timidity which masquerades as “cold feet” hold you back from what God has for you. Warm by the fire of His faithfulness, and then get busy for the Kingdom.

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I spent the last week in Grand Cayman visiting friends. It is wonderful how God provides for our every single need. He allowed me to meet this couple several years ago and since that time has allowed me the opportunity to be discipled by them – they probably do not realize it, but I watch their lives and the way they interact with each other. I am that oversized fly on the wall taking in their life experience. It’s not the usual routine with them. Their very lives are committed to God and you can find God in their daily lives without looking too far. By going to what is normally a resort destination, I was encouraged to relax, relate, release and recharge emotionally, spiritually and physically. I thank God for the Anyabwile Family. They hosted me with kindness, love and generosity in abundant supply.

Now that I’m back, I am focused on finishing up this series that we’ve begun. I’ll even tie it all together for you. These posts have not been random. They are all leading up to our major point in falling in love with the One. I pray that God will continue to supply the words for this message. And, I pray that you will interact with me via this blog and then send it out to your friends.

Check back soon!

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