Blessing in the Pressing

A little man – and by little, I mean small in stature, brought a grand Word to awaiting ears at the first night of our church’s revival. His name is Reverend Dr. J. Vincent Terry, pastor of the Mount Peace Baptist Church in Raleigh, NC. He retold the familiar story of the woman with the issue of blood. But there was something about the delivery that made the story brand new. Even though you knew where he would ultimately end up – with the woman touching the helm of the Lord’s garment – the path that we took to get there was nothing less than Holy Ghost inspired. Thank you Reverend Terry!

I personally needed a reminder of the goodness of God. I needed a fresh touch. And now, I have it. I give God praise for sending His servant our way. I praise and I worship God but I also have to do some self examination.

As a result of such examination, I saw some things. Lately, I’ve wanted to give up on a few things. I have frequently used the phrase, “I’m sooooo tired of xyz.”

Have you? Or am I standing by myself?

Well, if you have recently uttered that phrase, let me just tell you, there is hope on the other side of tiredness! This woman battled with this issue of blood for 12 years. That meant that for 12 years, she did not know the touch of another human being – no embrace – no nothing for she was considered unclean. For 12 years, she endured the practice of these medical doctors trying to figure out her malady – for 12 long years she got no conclusive answer – no healing – no nothing.

I’m sure she was tired, but she kept pressing. She kept going. Rejection after rejection – let down after let down – disappointment abounding – she did not give up.

So, when Jesus showed up, she pressed her way through the crowd. Can you see her – she didn’t run up on him – how could she for the press of the crowd – but just think about it ladies – think about how tired you must feel after 12 long years of dealing with this issue of blood. In my mind, she is weak but she still presses on – placing her full faith and hope in Jesus.

And when she touched the helm of His garment, she was made whole – restored health. It’s a blessing. She received her blessing because she kept pressing!

Therefore, we don’t give up when things get tough. As Christians, we need to gird up and stand strong and wait for God’s deliverance in our situation. He is faithful to us and will provide all that we need.

We don’t need to try to figure it out for ourselves or endure with the ponderings of others that do not serve the Lord. We instead need to just turn our cares over to Him. He cares for us and will help us.

There is a blessing in pressing your way towards the Lord.

Don’t have time for quiet time – press anyway. Make the time.
Don’t have time for corporate worship – press anyway. There is a blessing in worship.

Friends, there is a blessing in pressing your way towards the Lord!!!

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Praying for Shia

It appears that Shia LaBeouf got drunk, decided to drive and totaled his Ford F-150, but the authorities said it was not his fault. They said the other driver ran a red light.

Various internet articles report on LaBeouf’s activities leading up to the accident. Some say that he was dancing all around at a nightclub and that he kept drinking whiskey shots.

This seems an interesting thing for a young man to do while he has everything at his fingertips. The box office loves him. He has been groomed by the likes of Steven Spielberg. He has appeared in movies with some of Hollywood’s “A” list and has blazed the screen in films like Transformers and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. I love me some Indiana Jones movies.

Back to Shia.

Oh, the media is really shining the light on this young actor. They have been waiting for him to make a serious mistake – to blemish the star that only they speak of – to fall off the very pedestal that they put him on.

I don’t excuse drinking and I don’t excuse endangering the lives of others.

But, let’s look a little further.

This wreck happened and while LaBeouf was physically intoxicated, he escaped without serious injury. Reports say that he will be back to work in a month after having surgery on his hand. His passenger Isabel Lucas (from Transformers) was not hurt either. The person that ran the red light was not hurt.

Seems to me after seeing a truck flip like his, after sustaining a hit like he took – to walk away says that there is indeed Someone that needs more recognition.

God protected the occupants of both vehicles. And whether this is a warning to Shia, Isabel and the other driver, I will never know. But, wouldn’t it be awesome if Shia were to speak to the press and say that it was nothing but by the grace of God that I’m able to walk away from this? Wouldn’t it be awesome if Isabel would say that even though the entire situation left her powerless – she wasn’t driving and she could not control the other car – that her life was spared? Wouldn’t it be awesome if the other person that ran that red light would say that God shielded him/her from harm as they careless ran through that light? Wouldn’t it be awesome if everyone realized that these folks are alive today because of the sovereignty of God – even as they revel publicly in their sin?

It does not yet appear that any of those involved in this incident know the Lord. But, God still loves them. They are still His creation. And they deserve an opportunity to come to the Lord – you and I got our opportunity to come to Him. Aren’t you glad you did? Me too!!!

So, my thought is this. When you see or hear about them on the news, would you pray? Would you ask God to introduce them to someone that knows Him and is not afraid to talk about the One and Only Savior? You never know what the power of collective prayer can do or how it may appeal to Heaven.

So, here is our young star, on the verge of grand success and power in the film world – desperately in need of God’s power in the spirit-realm.

Join me in praying for Shia LaBeouf, as well as Isabel Lucas and the other driver.

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My Doctor’s Report

Good news. I have a diagnosis for my main issue (skin sensitivity) and tests are being run to prove or disprove some lingering issues – like why I have a reaction after eating shrimp but I test negative for a shellfish allergy. I rejoice today because I know that God is able! He is a healer!

So, I have a request of you. Will you stop what you are doing right now and just give God the praise! He’s worthy!

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The Super-Sensitive Skin I’m In

Today I am going to see an allergist. Apparently, my super-sensitive skin has been freaking out as a result of something – I just don’t know what. Never the less, I will make the journey to the doctor’s office today and see what he can tell me.

Skin is indeed an interesting thing. Over the years, it has been something that we as a nation have judged each other on. Skin color. Funny thing is, we don’t get to automatically choose our skin color. It’s not like shopping for a new outfit. Once you get it, you’ve got it. And, there is nothing wrong with it no matter what color it is. I know this because God knit us together in our respective mother’s womb. He chose. And, call me crazy, but I’m just not bold enough to think that anything that He does is wrong.

I was listening to a newscast not too long ago – in the year 2008. A reporter asked a restaurant patron of a small town if skin color was important in the presidential election. And, guess what? This patron and others in this restaurant said that when it came to the president of these United States of America, that skin color did matter. Of course, I disagree – and so did some others watching the newscast – all of different racial and ethnic backgrounds.

Blatant racism is not as widespread as it once was. I thank God for that. But, it is still lingering around in some parts of our country and of our world. Some people are really upset about it – like my skin freaking out, they are having a reaction – but I don’t know why. Why is one skin color perceived to be superior? How does that make any sense? Particularly since we don’t choose! It’s amazing to me. I wonder what would happen if we were to take our sensitivities to the Lord in prayer. He’s the great physician and He is able to heal everything that ails us whether it be outward or inward, mental or physical, visible or invisible – He can heal our land.

He can heal my skin too. So why am I going to an allergist? The answer is simple. I dare not try to choose the method in which God will heal me – He may work through this doctor or He may not. But, I’ve been given the green light to go and therefore, I am going. God works in the manner in which He chooses. And, well, call me crazy again, but I’m still not bold enough to think that my way is better than His. I simply believe my skin will heal and my affliction will end. Glory to God!

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Hey, they’re glad too!

I know that I’ve been on this “glad” thing pretty much all week, but, aren’t you glad? Joking.

Shekinah Glory Ministries sings a song entitled “Jesus” and I have to tell you, I’ve been humming and singing this song all week too. So today, on this Friday, even though I’m posting later than usual, I thought I would share the lyrics to this song and if I can find it on Youtube or Godtube, the actual song. Read through these lyrics and be blessed!

I’m so glad
You died for me
I’m so glad
You shed your blood for me
I’m so glad
You rose for me
Sweet Jesus–Jesus
Sweet Jesus–Jesus

I’m so glad
You died for me
So glad
You shed your blood just for me
So glad
You rose for me
Sweet Jesus–Jesus
Sweet Jesus–Jesus

Lead (Choir just repeats Jesus)
Help me say
Sweet Jesus
The precious name
of Jesus
The powerful name
of Jesus
How he loved me
I won’t ever know
How he cared for me yeah
The precious name of
How he loved me in spite of me
The name, the name Jesus
It’s so sweet I know, I know, I know
Oh I love the name
What you did for me on Calvary
No man would have done
But you loved me in spite of me yeah
You loved me just as much
To be hung there and died
You were thinking just of me
What a God, what a God
Budda couldn’t do it for you
Confucius couldn’t do it either
God is
He’s God all by himself
The name, the name, the name of
The precious name
How I love the name, I love the name of
When I think of his goodness & all he’s done for me
I can’t help but give him glory
He is God all by himself
Come on give him glory
At the name of Jesus demons must flee
That’s the kind of power he’s given us
We can speak to that sickness and it will leave
That’s what he said in his word yeah
He said I’ve come to give you life more abundantly
That’s what he did at the cross for you & me (REPEAT 3Xs)
But I’m so glad he rose on the third day
With all power in his hand
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
The powerful name of
The precious name, glorious name
The name of Jesus yes it is
No other name I know
I’m talking about Jesus
How he loved me I’ll never know, I’ll never know
Yes he did
He loved me in spite of me
Cause he knew I wasn’t fit to die
He died just for me
He said I can handle it daughter
I took care of it on the cross for you
I took care of it, bore it on the cross for you
Nobody but Jesus
Come on give him glory
The name of jesus
Come on give him glory
The name of Jesus
Come on give him glory
The name of Jesus
The precious name
The precious name of Jesus
No other name I know
No other name I know
I can’t help but worship
The music don’t even have to play
For me to give him worship
The music don’t even have to play
For me to give him worship
How I love him oh yeah
How I love him, oh yeah
How I love him, I love him, I love him, I love him
how I love him, I love him
How I love him, I love him, I love him
See I don’t need a dance partner cause I’ve got Jesus
When I think of his goodness & what he’s done
When I think of his goodness & what he’s done
I’ve gotta give him glory
Glory hallelujah
Bless the lord

Oh look, I found it! Now that you’ve read through the powerful lyrics, check out the song now:

Now, who wouldn’t serve Him after all that He’s done for you and for me! Aren’t you GLAD!!!


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Be Glad

Recently God has been placing “be glad” in my spirit. So, out of obedience, I made it my business to “be glad.” Some would call this the power of positive thinking. I call it the result of obedience – I’m glad.

I was glad when I woke up – after having slept really well. I am glad that I found comfort in a new gym that has a non-judgemental policy – I have picked up a few pounds and even my clothes are asking me what’s up. (it’s okay, you can laugh). I am glad that I can go to the gym and workout in a new and supportive environment.

I am glad that I met a personal goal at the gym on the elliptical. That piece of machinery always gets the better of me – but look who is laughing now! I am glad, glad, glad!

Now, when I lay myself down after working out, I’ll see just how glad I am when (and if) I wake up…joking! Sore or not sore, I’m still going to be glad!

The Merriam Webster defines glad this way: having a cheerful or happy disposition by nature.

Now, aren’t you glad??

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Count the Costs

Recently, I was watching television and saw two game shows that essentially promoted humiliation in order to win a monetary prize.

One of the producers of one of the shows said the contestants were like “lambs to the slaughter” and then he chuckled. The commercial advertisements for the other game show revealscompletely embarrasing takes with the hosts of the show being two snide commentators.

These shows are new to the airways and apparently have good ratings support – or else they would not continue to be on the air. So, what’s my problem?

We are to esteem each other in love, not mock each other and make fun of one another. These shows promote the opposite.

My second problem – what length are we willing to go to in order to win a paltry sum of money. The cash is a big amount but paltry when you really count the costs.

If I consider the cross, where Jesus bleed, hung and died, then I could never be a contestant on these game shows. If I consider the cross and realize that Jesus has taken all of my humiliation and shame to it – then why would I willfully incur more embarrassment. If I consider the cross and the fact that because of Jesus’ work on it, I am now a co-heir to the Kingdom, why would I play myself on television for a few bucks that I cannot take with me upon my death.

I wish these contestants would consider the cross – count the costs and realize that whatever it is they are doing this for will never amount to just fully trusting in the Lord and letting Him work out every situation.

For every action – count the costs.

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Today has been a GOoD day!

Today has been a good day. I think about everything that God has allowed me to experience today and I just have to take a praise break and say thank-you!

Today, I woke up after a peaceful night’s sleep. You see, the night before, I had a nightmare but after praying specifically last night against unpleasant dreams, I slept through the night last night with no problems. I woke up rested. I give God glory.

Today, I got dressed – by myself – no assistance needed. I thank God for the activity of my limbs and still clothing me daily in my right mind.

Then, I left the home that He gave me and jumped in the car that He provided for me to come to a job that I only have by the grace of God. I can testify that He is a mighty provider! Everything I have is sufficient to meet my NEEDS! I serve an awesome God.

All day long, I have been working – to the glory of God! And this evening, I will work more – again to the glory of God. I have the God-given ability to think and to produce for the benefit of my company, yes, but more importantly, for the benefit of my God.

And lastly, as I simply prayed over my lunch today, I became a witness for the Lord. Oh the opportunities that He gives to us!

So, today has been a good day. Precious Lord, I tell you THANK YOU!!!

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My latest Godtube Find…

Sunday, I was browsing Godtube and came across this video. I thought I would share it with you for all of you that are familiar with the R&B Singer Rihanna. This is a “Christ Remix” of her popular song “Umbrella.” This artist is named Coffey.

Here are his lyrics:
I gave you my heart,
In exchange for a brand new start
Lord then you made me clean,
And you set me apart.
See I was in the dark, you’re the bright and morning star
And oh with your amazing grace,
You put a smile upon my face because,

When the Son died, he didn’t die forever,
Put him in a tomb and 3 days later,
He died on the cross and he rose again
Dipped me in his blood and
He washed away my sins, sins, sins…eh…eh
Thank the Lord I’m born again in in…eh…eh…eh
Her daddy been gone, her mama left when she was 7
Stuck with relatives she didn’t know is there a heaven.
I wish I could grow wings and fly away from this place,
Is what she told me, wiping tears from her face.
But every time you cried the Lord felt your pain,
Put a fist in the air if you ready for change.
The race is not given to the swift or to the strong,
You got to endure, I’m telling you to hold on.

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I’m Currently Reading…

I feel pretty good about what I’m about to tell you. My great friend Kristie is married to an awesome man of God. He is faithful to God and he is faithful to his family. I admire his dedication to both. Every time I see him, he looks more and more distinguished. Not in an arrogant sort of way, but as a man that sits at the feet of our Lord and learns of Him – and as such reflects the character of Christ. He is a compassionate and wise gentleman, willing to help wherever he can. I had the opportunity to chat with him some months ago regarding a paper that I was writing for my school work – a course in Biblical Counseling. He took the time to explain his position and answer all of my questions. He is such a valuable servant for the Kingdom of God! Therefore, I just had to tell you about something that I’m so excited about….
I’m excited about this book that this man of God has written. It is called “What is a Healthy Church Member?” And although I have yet to finish the book – I just started reading it today but it is already fantastic – I think you would do yourself a great service to look into getting your own personal copy.
Ah – you may be asking his name at this point – it’s Thabiti (thuh-BEE-tee) Anyabwile. He’s the senior pastor of First Baptist Church, Grand Cayman Islands. This book has the endorsement of John MacArthur, Albert Mohler, R.C. Sproul, D.A. Carson etc., if that type of thing is important to you. Hence, you can rest assured that this book is spiritually and Scriptually sound. The forward is by Mark Dever, senior pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington DC, a powerful church that I had the opportunity to visit as well. By the way, did you see Dever’s comments in the Wall Street Journal on July 3, 2008 – Simply powerful – here’s the link if you didn’t get a chance to read it.
So, my point is simply this – this author is anointed and appointed for such a time as this. I am quite sure that the entirety of the message in this book will not only serve to convict but also to challenge and to help me to grow even further into being a healthy church member that can and will serve God with my utmost ability. And, I’m not the only one that feels this way – here are some comments that you may find useful from those that have read the book in its entirety.
It is my sincere hope that you will add this book to your collection. You can find it online nearly everywhere, Crossway, Amazon etc. Happy Reading!
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