A Little R&R…at Disney?

Recently I told you about slowing down. I took my own advice (so to speak) and went to Disney for a little rest and relaxation. I needed to take a break. And while I cannot fly everyone down to Disney and pay for your admission, I will share some of the pictures from my trip – and well, you can look at these pictures and imagine that you were standing right beside me when I took the pictures. Enjoy!

This was the family fun day parade! These Disney characters where getting down! I hope that those suits are well ventilated…it was pretty hot that day!

Guess who I saw hanging out at Cinderella’s place? Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and more princes and princesses! They did a muscial number.

Check out this big boat and such a small lake – only at Disney!

And, this is Thunder Mountain Railroad. I got my nerve up to ride this one – I don’t do the whole roller coaster thing – but then I saw a group of small kids getting ready to ride and figured at my age, I should be able to handle it – and handle it I did! I had a good time!
Now, I had the chance to ride the transit system of the futuer and see the sights from on-high. This was pretty cool and I was snap, snap, snappin’ away.
Overall, I had a good time, although the heat from the day and my blue jean attire had me a little warmer that I would have preferred. But, it’s all good! I had a great time and it was break from the normal. I hope that you will take some time to get a break from your normal routine as well!
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The Great Bailout

Hey y’all!

Happy Monday! This is the day that the Lord has made and to tell ya the truth – I’m glad!

Yesterday, I kept my godson who is three months old. I had him for a few hours and can I just say one word to describe him…ADORABLE! Oh, did he show me his gums and just cooo – you know that made my heart melt. I don’t see how folks can hurt little babies. Doesn’t seem plausibe!!!

OH, if you get a chance, take a color analysis. My friend Kathy posted about it on her site, if you want to read my results. And the color analysis itself is here. Of course, I didn’t pay for the full analysis – I think the intro paragraph of the analysis you get back is good enough. Nevertheless, I thought it was a fun and pretty accurate assessment of me!

Now, to the real post.

Everybody is talking about it – so I think we should too. The financial bailout. Now, whether or not we get to the root of who caused it or who was first to say that they solved it, even as it was bi-partisan, you know we’ll hear about it soon … “We were the first to …” It makes me ill that we have grown folks running our government acting like school kids… “he started it…”

Okay, I’m losing my point.

Nevertheless, although I think watching the financial bailout come to a solution is a worthwhile exercise in fiscal responsibility and the dangers of greed and self-interest, I want to shed light on another area.

As Christians, I think this bailout should encourage us to tithe more. What safer place to put your money than in the Kingdom of God. Don’t scrunch your face up – we cannot control what man does with the money – but if we are joyful givers and are giving the money in faith to God, then it does not matter what happens after it’s put in the collection plate. That is to say, that the decisions are not on your shoulders. The persons handling the money will have to make an account to God. Your part is to give joyfully.

My next point is that everything we have belongs to God. So, don’t get into a panic about your 401k or anything else. Give all your cares to God. He’s the One that got you the job so that you could have the 401k anyway. He’s the One that gave you the mind so that you could learn what is required for that job with that 401k. See where I’m going here? Everything belongs to God. Every bit of it. So, it doesn’t do us any good to sit around worrying. Cast all your cares on Him…

Lastly, this is a great time for witnessing. I think that God is growing weary of America’s ways. We’ve tried to take “In God We Trust” off of our money – and now we see what’s happening. We’ve let homosexuality onto our main primetime stations and as a nation will allow such activity to be legalized into marriage. We have put the interests of the rich ahead of those of the poor. We send aid in billions to countries outside of the US but will not send that same support to our own tax-paying US citizens in Hurricane damaged cities – remember Katrina? How much more will God take from us? No one can know, but the writing is on the wall.

So, Christians – it’s time to walk the talk. Our nation is reaching for their wallets. Will you show them the difference and reach for your Bible?
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Love, the Greatest Gift!

Here Comes the Bride
All dressed in white
Dah dee dah dee dee
I don’t know the rest of the song…

Good news. A childhood friend of mine is getting married in October. I am throwing her a Bridal Shower this weekend. YAY!

I think we are going to have a blast. I’ve got games prepared, gifts to give and love to share. I can only remember the middle school days – boy, we’ve come a long way!

One thing that I like about this bride is that she is not bridezilla in the least. She is planning a small, private event with just those that mean the most to her and her groom. She’s not interested in what can become the spectator side of a wedding. No huge frills – just the main event – the proclamation of enduring love before God and the families.

I think that our society has gotten to happy with those lavish weddings – don’t get me wrong – the spectator in me wants that invitation! But, when the lavish exceeds the love, we have a problem.

Wouldn’t we all be better, as couples, as individuals, if love ruled the day? Love is the greatest gift.

Let’s practice giving that gift over and over again!

Have a good weekend!

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Coming Out?

Why is it so “popular” to admit homosexuality? I am really disturbed by this trend. If we look at celebrities, they seem to be coming out in droves – T.R. Knight (which by the way really surprised me), Lindsay Lohan (I’m still shocked) and even though many had speculated this to the be case – Clay Aiken – and there’s more!

In the local schools, this issue is raging out of control. I have a good friend who told me of the activities going around at her daughter’s school. Saints of God, this is a praying time. The spirit of homosexuality is strong.

I think we have to understand a few things.

(1) Although this public display of homosexuality on our network television stations and local malls is disturbing, it’s not new behavior (check out Genesis 19). Our society has gotten so lax and accepting of sin that homosexuality is increasing accepted. Some, in what I believe to be flawed judgment, even say that the perfect God of the universe created them that way. But, it does not even matter what our society accepts if God rejects it. And, make no mistake, God calls this brand of sin an abomination. (Leviticus 18:22)

(2) Homosexuality IS a perversion of God’s gift. Check out Romans 1:26-27.

While I deeply oppose homosexuality, I also know that each person practicing this sin is redeemable. I know this to be true because God is no respecter of persons. He does not love me more because I am heterosexual and love them less because they are homosexual. But He does call us all to account. We will all answer for our sins.

So, that’s why I want you to join me in prayer. Let’s appeal to Heaven for a reversal of this trend and an increase in love for God and His Word. We need to be obedient to God and His Word.

There is yet hope for homosexuals, if they will repent. If we look at 1Corinthians 6:9-11, we can see the hope laid out for us all:

V9 – Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality

V10 – nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.

V11 – And such were some of you. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.

Will you join me?
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Slow down the pace

Getting proper rest is important. Yet, it is the one thing that we tend to neglect. We “get by” on fewer and fewer hours of sleep per night while we are busy multi-tasking and saving the world. Well, I for one am quite tired of the race. And, it’s not because I’m having difficulty with it – it’s just that I am getting to the point now that some things just don’t matter as much as they used to. I’m getting to the point now where I would much prefer to slow things down a notch.

I’m not ready to retire, but I am ready to move out of the “fast lane” into the middle lane beside it. I’ll roll in the middle for awhile. Not too fast – not too slow. In visiting with my doctors, talking with my friends, and assessing the dark circles underneath my eyes, a slow down is in order. I want to “smell the roses.”

I read in a book that we get consumed with saving time and maximizing our days. Every “symptom”/warning signal that this book described, I had it. And, well, that’s not a good thing! So, slowing down will be the prescription for me.

And maybe, you should take a look at your world too. If it seems that you are always on the go, running here and there, giving your all in your selected activity to the point that when you get home you simply do not have any energy for another thing, well, slowing down maybe the treatment plan for you.

A first step for me today, (knowing that I was exhausted from the weekend excitement, activity and travel, I flew back, went into the office to work on a special project and have been rolling non-stop since), is going to be to dial it all back a bit and kick my feet up on the couch and relax.

I bet your couch would love a visit too!

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He is Amazing!

Walt Disney World is amazing. Lots of good things to be a part of. Lots of fun to be had. The technology that goes into that amusement park is thrilling, as well as the sheer attention to detail. Wonderful!

It’s funny how we can look at a place like Disney and see right off the wonder and the fantasy created there. It’s all man-made. We can compare achievements. We can say, well, that must have taken a long time or that must have taken much effort because we can compare what it would have cost us in terms of time, knowledge and resources.

However, I would like to take this time to point out the obvious.

We pay loads of attention to man-made things. But, I want you to consider the God-made things.

We can start with nature. We can count the rings in a tree trunk to know how long its been around. But, what about thinking about how the tree came to be – the number of species – the sheer majesty of a huge tree towering above you, cooling you on a hot, sunny day. It’s wonderful. God created that – marvel at the attention to detail- both inside and outside of the tree.

I can only think about my food supply. I love to eat. God created the good things that I ingest. Have you ever been to a farm? Have you ever been around food-harvesters? Do you know how food gets from the field to the dining table? It’s amazing.

My maternal grandfather was a farmer. My other grandfather, does farming in his oversized garden. Each year, he plants a variety of things. And, before the hard frost, I go up to his home and help him get the sweet potatoes out of the ground. We’ve done it for three years now. There is something rewarding about gathering food that you will eat. It’s amazing.

God has left us with amazing things to behold. I can only hope that we will examine His majesty by looking at His creation. He’s better than technology, better than best. He’s God.

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Go State!

Okay, this is not going to be a traditional post. I’m soooooo thrilled! I went to the NC StateECU football game today. And, while my team, NC State, has been plagued with injury after injury and just have not performed all that well, I was optimistic about their chances today.

As I walked into the stadium, I heard an ECU fan say, “it’s a good day to be a pirate.” He thought from the start that my team did not stand a chance. And, well, it really didn’t look good, but we were still excited to be at the game.
I felt that as long as we kept the score close, then we would be alright. And, let me tell ya, what a game!!! First, we had EXCELLENT seats – we were on the second row behind the ECU players. My sister got the tickets. Yay! Thanks Sis!
The Power Sound of The Sound, our marching band, sounded fantastic! This is them performing before Kick-off!

At half-time, we were down 7 points. But, thanks to some good play, we went into overtime and the pack really rallied! We won in overtime! The score, 24-30, pack!

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Living up to His Name

I wish that ALL professing Christians lived up to their title. We bear the name Christians because we are supposed to be Christ-like. But, this week in particular, I have dealt with some very un-Christ-like Christians.

I know that we all still live in this flesh and that the flesh wants what it wants – and if you let it, that self-same flesh will get what it wants. But, when we discipline our flesh, our spirit is free. We all need to work towards that goal of disciplining our flesh such that our soul can flow freely.

The first step in getting to this place is what we would love one another. Jesus said His disciples would be identified by their love. Heart check … would you be identified as one of His disciples by the love you showed others this week? Would I? Questions like these are ones that we have to deal with – these types of questions need to be at the very forefront of our minds.

So, this weekend, would you do a self-examination? Would you ask God to look into your heart and tell you where you may need to improve to be more like Him. Afterall, we want to hear well done.

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She Encourages Me

Can I tell you today that I slept so good again last night!!! Okay, enough of that. But, that is my testimony about the peace that is available to you when you just turn everything over to God.

Now, today’s real post.

God is so good. A few years ago, well, okay, more than a few years ago, God blessed me to meet a wonderful woman of God. At that time, I liked her but I thought she was a bit strange. She listened to gospel music at her desk at work. I was saved but I was a young child in the Lord – let’s just say infantile – that may best describe me back then.

As time went on and I got to know her, I came to really love her spirit. She was then and is now one of the kindest, gentlest persons that I know. She makes me happy when I talk to her – she is always smiling or giggling. It’s a blessing to be in her presence. God has done and continues to do a mighty work in her life.

Then, she moved. I’ve long missed my friend. Sometimes more than I could recognize – if that makes any sense. But, I’ve got good news. As a result of God’s providence, by the end of the year, I will get to see my friend again. I’m excited. She lives in Grand Cayman with her family. What a wonderful family. She’s so wonderful, that she lets me call them my family too. So, although naturally, I am a mother of no humans – just a pet fish, in the Caymans I am a mother of three – two girls and one boy.

So, while one would normally think Cayman – tropical – vacation, I’m thinking of reuniting with my family. She makes me feel like I belong and that is the best witness for Christianity that I could ever imagine. I belong in God’s family and in hers. She has not set up boundary markers. Instead, she exudes the love of Christ for me. She fills me with His love by allowing God to use her in various ways. She even makes me homemade, from scratch, oh-my-goodness chocolate chip cookies!

I hope you have somebody in your life that encourages you in the Lord the way that she encourages me. When I grow up, I pray that God will show Himself in me the way He shows Himself in my friend Kristie.

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Jesus, Take the Wheel!

Blog Buddies! Good Morning!

Can I tell you how well I slept last night? It bordered on amazing. It wasn’t the sleep that you get when you work out too much and you essentially pass out from exhaustion. (well, at least I do, I’m out of shape). It wasn’t the sleep that you get when you’re sick and your body uses the time to fight off whatever is ailing you. No, this time, I slept a very peaceful sleep. I think I woke up smiling.

My night’s rest was not a result of my going to bed early – in fact, I went to bed late – very late. Instead, my night’s rest was a result of my reaching a point where I gave all of my drama to the Lord (and drama does not always have to be bad – I’ve just got a lot going on). Last night, I meant it when I said it – Jesus, take the wheel! And, as a result, I slumbered very well.

I also had a good revelation/reminder – God does not worry – so, if I am growing in His likeness, then I shouldn’t worry either. Who has time to worry! Just let Jesus take the wheel! My prayer for you tonight is that you rest in His confidence. Sweet dreams!

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