My Year of Possibility

It’s almost 2009! I’m not one to rush away time but I for one am generally always happy to see the end of one year because it means the beginning of another, should God carry us forward throughout that last day of the year.

If I look back on 2008, so much has happened in our world.

  1. We, the US, are still at war. Now, Israel is fighting Hamas.
  2. We are in an economic recession. The global economy isn’t faring much better.
  3. We are less spiritual as a nation than we have ever been – mixing the carnal with spiritual to suit our own interests.
  4. We are lovers of the seven deadly sins: pride, envy, anger, sloth, greed, gluttony and lust. I know you don’t need an explanation for that one – just look around.

There has been so much publicity about those who have chosen the wrong path. Corrupt and dishonest people looking out for themselves. Those who try to demean the legislative process of this nation and those who simply don’t care anymore about what is right and what is wrong.

But as I look over 2008, I don’t just see where the enemy has ravaged and devoured some willing hearts. I see where people have held on to their faith and fought the good fight against evil – and they are winning!

  1. In the midst of his pain, a widow at my church still does much good for the community. I have been a recipient.
  2. In the midst of darkness, when doctors have called in the family to say their good-byes, God is still performing miracles – healing and restoring. I’ve seen this personally.
  3. Even in the midst of this big debate on global warming, each and every one of us is still drawing in the breath of life.
  4. You don’t have to look far to see God in the small things. That’s a blessing – He’s not hiding from us.
  5. As long as we are here, we still have an opportunity to witness and share the good news of the gospel message, to save a generation and a people who know Him less and less over time, replacing Him with silly things and idols that cannot save their souls.

We could go on and on with listing the good things that God does for us – the chances that we have to win souls and share our faith – the opportunity afforded to us with every day that we receive. We can focus on the negative or we can focus on the now, realizing that God is in each moment and with Him, all things are possible.

God willing, I am going forward into 2009 with this one thing on my mind: All things are possible to him that believes. This has always been true, but for me, it is my personal focus for this year. I believe God. I’ve staked my life on it. He can change the unsavory and make them palatable again. I believe God. He can and He will.

What will you go into the new year believing?

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It’s Almost Christmas!

Update: All of my Christmas shopping and associated fare is done. Now, I can get down to the important stuff. Celebrating Him!

Where I am, the weather is about 56 degrees – very warm for Christmas. So….I’ll have a flash back to good ole Germany where it was cold, cold, cold by looking at this picture – join me.

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Christkindlesmarkt 2008

My visit to the Christkindlesmarkt 2008 in Nuremberg: 

As you can see, it was absolutely packed. Buses from far away come in and drop folks off to attend this event. And, isn’t the pup cute helping “Santa” play? 
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Recovering Steadily

Here I am! 

Where have I been – well, on Wednesday, I was traveling back from Germany. That essentially takes all day! I had to take three planes to get home and when I got home I lost my voice and felt generally SICK, but functional. 
On my flight home, I had two favorites: Kleenex and my Vick’s Inhaler stick – wait, there’s one more, my cold medicine that made me sleep. Oh, that was good. With the headwinds, the flight from Munich to Atlanta is approximately 11 hours (technically, 10 hours, 48 minutes). The other two flights were much shorter in duration.
Anyway, I’ll post a few pictures over the coming days of my time in Germany. 
God Bless!
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The True Gift

I’m still traveling and haven’t done my Christmas shopping. Do you think the folks that usually get a gift from me will accept a simple “Merry Christmas” without the gift?

It may just come down to that.

I’m not a shopper. I don’t care much for the crowds either. I will usually only buy things that are on sale – I think it’s fiscally responsible to look first at the sale items and then see what else is in the store. I buy nice things – when they go on sale. I’m hardly ever in any rush to pay full price. I know – I have a very different shopping style. In fact, when I go shopping with my sister and mother, I drive separately. I bore easily with shopping.

As you may guess, I’m no fashionista. But, I made do with what I do have – happily.

So, time is running out for me and I’m beginning to feel the pressure.

If only we would remember that the true gift has already been given…

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A Better Investment

What will you do to save money?

That is a question on the minds of many these days while the global recession marches forward. Some fiscally responsible people have a game plan in mind knowing exactly where they can “cut the fat” out of their budgets. Some others, whose, as my dad would say “money slips through their fingers” are finding it a bit harder to know where to cut because they did not learn first to save.

What will you do to save money?

Some people are shopping more wisely, purchasing sale items and clipping coupons. Some others are not purchasing anything at all.

What will you do to save money?

I have a suggestion. Instead of spending time wondering the halls of a local mall, save the money spent in gas, effort and time – (calculate your opportunity cost), and ultimately your purchases and make a better investment. Save wordly cash and get spiritually rich by spending time alone with God in His Word. The investment you make now will reap unspeakable riches later.

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Omnipresent One

God is God everywhere.

Yes, I know that sounds elementary. I’m just saying it because I have reconfirmed that it is still true. The same God that I pray to in the USA is the same God in the Cayman Islands and is the same God in Germany.

I’ve experienced Him in all three locations recently. In the USA, I was worshipping Him and felt His presence corporately and individually. In the Cayman Islands, I felt the flood of His presence while Assistant Pastor Robinson was preaching. In my hotel room in Germany, while I was praising Him in song, I felt His powerful presence once more. Each opportunity was unique and special and I thank God for letting me know that He is ever present with me no matter where I go.

Which brings me to a point – I cannot travel with my physical prayer closet but this post should encourage you to know that with your prayers comes the possibility for His presence. You don’t have to be in the exact same place all the time to feel Him or to know that He is there. He’s everywhere all the time. He’s God!

Now, before you get too comfy, I am not saying that you can forsake fellowship with other believers and camp out at your house since God is the same everywhere. If there is a chance for fellowship then you should take it and commune with other believers. However, if you are in a place where you cannot worship at the same time because of say…your travels…then know that God is with you wherever you go and you can worship Him – He’ll see your effort and He will commune with you. He is the Omnipresent One.

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The Only One

Have you ever felt like you were the only one?

The only one to not know what’s going on…
The only one to not know the answer…
The only one left…
The only one that does not speak the language…
The only one that cares…
The only one that cleans…
The only one listening…
The only one!

Depending on the situation, it can cause a bit of emotional distress to be the only one. But when you are feeling low and can’t fathom going on because of your “only one” status, I’ve got a suggestion.

Why not tell the Lord Jesus about it? Lean and depend on Him. If anyone knows about being the only one – it’s Him.

He is the only One – the Son of God.
He is the only One – who did not sin.
He is the only One – who, in diety, became flesh.
He is the only One – that died for your sins.
He is the only One – that can reconcile us to the Father.
He is the only One!

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Transatlantic Comparisons

I’ve recently had the opportunity to experience the difference between fare classes on a Transatlantic flight. And, let me tell you, having now experienced both, there is quite a contrast. Even in things that are provided to both fare classes, the higher fare has a higher quality product – even down to the type of toothbrush. Seriously.

In the main cabin – economy class, there are lots of people. We are herded in like cattle in cramped quarters. Our food, served on and in plastic, is light on extravagance and heavy on salt. The flight attendant’s goal is simply to distribute the goods quickly and move on to the next awaiting customer. Ah, but in the higher fare class, well, that’s another story. The food is tasty, consisting of multiple courses. It is served on real plates with real glassware and real flatware with a linen tablecloth. The flight attendant’s goal is to serve the food attending to your every request. The cabin is much less crowded and the flight attendant-to-customer ratio is much, much lower, ensuring personalized attention. Yes, in this cabin, they call you by your surname – Mr. So-and-so, and Ms. So-and-so.

We are all traveling to the same destination but how you get there can make a difference in your journey. I rested better in that reclined chair with a footrest much more so that I did basically sitting up, only reclining a few degrees in the economy cabin. I also have to say that I prefer the larger down pillow much better than that small cotton one…

Of course, I got to thinking about the spiritual application and this is my conclusion. Living in the world without Jesus as your Lord and Savior is like traveling economy class. We all have an appointed time to live and to die and unless the Lord comes back before our death, everyone will experience death. The paths that we take on this mutual destination makes a difference in where you will spend your eternity.

In the World, you are not treated with the special attention that comes with being a child of the King. Instead, you are like the rest of the world, getting by on plastic goods – not the real stuff. The enemy loves to serve you “plastic” hoping you will never experience the real life that is available to you when you accept the Lord Jesus. Life is in Christ. He’s the real thing.

The enemy wants to keep you surrounded with those who are enjoying the “plastic things” without knowledge and/or desire of the other things. He wants to keep you in the dark about what’s going on beyond the curtain that separates the fare differences. He doesn’t want you to taste the abundant life that’s available to you in Christ. But, oh, there’s a difference.

I’ve noticed in my own life that when I gave my life to Christ, a good number of my “plastic loving” friends fell away. I lost the “crowd” – but I had more individualized attention from God. My life had a higher quality to it when I accepted the Lord. In fact, if you’ll work with me on this analogy, accepting the Lord was like being moved up to the higher fare class – without paying the price. Jesus took care of that on Calvary.

So in exchange for worldly “plastic”, I received a finer quality of life. I now get to eat at the King’s table, being served multiple portions of grace and mercy, with the “real” things of life, and adorned with the finest of linens – afterall, I’m clothed in His righteousness. And, because now I have a relationship with Him, I’m assured personalized attention when I meet with Him in my prayer closet and throughout the day.

I hope that you can agree with me or at least see the comparisons between the life that we have apart from Christ and the life that is available to us when we give Him ours. It’s quite a contrast.

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President Bush on Nightline

I am always interested in what people say when they talk about their personal faith.
I like to hear the testimonies of how they came to the faith and how they stay connected. So, as I was preparing to go to sleep, I was suprised to see President Bush on Nightline with Cynthia McFadden discussing his faith. Here is the link to the ABC page that has his interview. If you missed Nightline and would like to know what the President shared concerning his personal faith, access this link: (copy and paste in your browser).

Let us all pray that the believers of Christ mature and grow strong in Him that is able to keep us. Let us pray that as believers we are able to accurately articulate our faith according to the written Word of God.

Be Blessed!

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