Step-by-step, It will change & rearrange

Have you ever just wanted to change a whole bunch of stuff around? I have. In fact, I do right now. I really want to move furniture around, clean out closets and make some significant changes to my house.

BUT, there’s a problem.

I will not be able to do it on my own. So…now what?

Recruit help?

Forget the whole idea?

No….what I plan to do is do it step-by-step. One room at a time, requesting help when I need it. Most of it, by my plan, I can do on my own and my job is to make sure that I utilize all of my resources before I call out for help.

I believe that God is going to give me insight and wisdom about the proper order of how to do things and even who to call when the time comes for help. I’m believing and trusting this.

After a period of living in a place, junk and clutter comes. That’s part of the territory. Now, I want to make sure that also as part of the territory that I clean out the things that I no longer need. I’ve got some great clothes and gadgets just hanging out in my closet that someone could wear and use. But, they will never get to wear and/or use these items if they stay stuck in my closet.

So, I’m motivated to give out of the abundance that I do have. I don’t compare myself to others – I’m sure that others have more and better, but I do want to bless somebody somewhere with somethings that God has given to me. And, I will do this – one step at a time; one room at a time. And it will be completed one helper at a time – all to the glory of God. So, I’m not going to worry about what looks to be an overwhelming task situation now – I’m just going to take bite-size pieces and let God direct me. Before long, I will have a less cluttered, significantly changed for the better, place to call home. Praise ye the Lord!

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Pricey Words

The value of our words is rather pricey. Just think – if I tell you that you look nice on a day that you feel like you look bad, then those words will minister to you. They have value to you on that day.

Okay – perhaps a silly example. But, you understand what I mean. Words have the power to lift up or destroy. Words have power to affirm or deny.

As a child, I was always happy when someone, anyone, paid the slightest bit of positive attention towards me. That person’s words would hang with me. I needed to be affirmed and reassured of my worth. And, I believe that the Lord would send people to tell me these positive things. Some I believed – some I would not believe – but that’s another blog post. That was an internal issue that I struggled with and is no reflection on the one being used of God to bless me.

You see, words are very important – pricey if you will. So we have to spend them wisely. We have to make sure that we are communicating when we open our mouths – not just spouting out because we can. I had to learn this as well. I used to use my mouth for evil. If it seemed to me that you were out to hurt me or trying to back me in a corner, my mouth would come out swinging, er, spouting. Thank God for deliverance! Thank God for spiritual growth. Now, I know better. I know that my words have to be used for good – for communication. When I use my words for good, God gets glorified. And, now I find, that when I am submissive to Him, He allows me to use my mouth to encourage others – to communicate to them their worth in God. I get to pour forth the pricey ointment of praise on those in need.

So, today, make an effort to chose your words carefully. You have the power to help, heal or hurt all wrapped up in the power of your tongue. I hope that you will use your power to communicate for the glory of God.

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Sick? Stay Home

Do you remember when you were sent home if you were sick?

I remember. But that time has now past. Seems now that coming to work sick is expected. Fortunately, not so much for me. I have a very understanding employer. And, if I am sick, which is rare, I am allowed to stay home and recouperate – no stress.

Yet, for some, this is not a “no stress” option. Some come to work sick because they feel that they have to do so. They feel pressured to take care of the bottom line of the business before they take care of their own bottomline. But, to this, I disagree.

I believe that you risk infecting others when you come to work sick. This is not giving the best thought or best regard or even best consideration of others around you coming into the work environment sick and/or with a fever. I know of a man that did this. He came to work with the flu and a fever. He has the capability to work remotely (laptop and mobile phone) but instead, he came into the office. He risked the health of everyone that came in contact with him just so that he could be at the office. Why do we do this?

I believe that if you take a little down time when you don’t feel well to give your body time to rest, then you recouperate faster. Your body has time to take care of itself without having to divide its resources to do everything else that you’re trying to make it do. I see benefit in this but still others will not do this. It does not make you weak – it makes you wise.

So, I encourage us all, in this cold and flu season to spend some time thinking about others. If you feel sick, get some rest and stay away from large groups of people so that you don’t risk their health too. One thing I know – life goes on. So, don’t feel pressured to be at a place when you’re sick. Use that energy to get well so that when you return back to work, you are indeed working at your full capacity.

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Smash the Head of Division

I can’t help but to think about how division causes all kinds of strife. I’ve seen division raise its ugly head more times than I care to remember. At first, I did not always recognize it, but I could feel the atmosphere in a room change. I would feel tension make itself welcome in a room. Division is tangible in its discomfort.

I am reading a book that has caused me to do some thinking about division. I’m talking about the kind of division that separates us from each other. The kind of division that causes us to pull away from each other – form party alliances and destroy each other. That’s the kind of evil division that I’m speaking of.

Saints of the most high God, we need to be better than this. We need to rise above division. We can do this. We must do this. I’ve never seen in the Scriptures where Heaven was going to have section just for this type and a section for that type. No division.

Wherever we find division, we must smash its head. I know that’s graphic, but we have to destroy it.

Wives, don’t berate your husband. This causes division. The Bible says you are to be one.
Husbands, love your wives. Christ is your model. Doing anything less creates the opportunity for division and the adversary will come in.
Children, obey your parents. Don’t allow your childhood to be wasted simply because you refuse to obey. On the news, I just heard about an 11-year old who is facing murder charges. He will be separated from his parents for a long time. It’s a division that he should not be going through but because of his own choices, he will.
Families – spend time together. Don’t let activities and work schedules divide you.
Singles – get involved in your community or with someone that is aiming high for God. Be intentional about your own relationship with God and don’t let anything or anyone separate you from His love.

We have to tear down the walls of division wherever we find them. We have to be relentless in our execution. Divisions are the walls that box us in and keep us from being and doing what we need to be and do for the glory of God.

I prayerfully ask you to consider the divisions in your life and then ask you to ask God to give you the strength to smash the head of the serpent.

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Random Thoughts on the Weekend

Who loves babies more than me? Well, okay, maybe that’s not the best question considering that I’m not a brave mother of 14…ahem….

Anyway, I do love those little bundles of joy and drool. My godson was in town hanging with me all weekend and I just have to say – he has to be the most adorable child ever born. I’m not biased, I’m just stating fact. (LOL)

Isn’t it funny how someone that you have to do everything for just steals your heart? And, I do mean everything – diaper changes, feedings, everything. But, for everything, he paid me back in those big ole smiles with his two little teeth in the bottom, and tons of drool. My cup runneth over!

He is my joy! And, I thank my God for Him. I pray that you had a great weekend and that you have a great week. I pray that you will reflect on the goodness of God to send us just what we need when we need it.

I needed to spend sometime with someone that needed me – that depended on me. And, sure enough, my 8 month old godson fit the bill. I love him so much and again I thank God for showing me several things this weekend through my godson.

My godson was dependent on me for everything. And, we are just like that in our relationship with God – dependent on Him for everything. Think I’m wrong? … hold your breath. No, just kidding, but He sustains our very lives.

Won’t you join me in reflecting on the things of God and thanking Him for being our everything .

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Friend of God

You know…

So much has gone on this week already. I just needed a reminder that I am a friend of God. And, I hope this serves as a reminder to you too. (And yes, it’s Israel & New Breed) – guess I’m stuck on his music ministry this week.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

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Symptom: Double-mindedness

Have you ever wondered why it is that you do what you do? For example, you know that something is wrong, but you do it anyway? Or you condemn an act that someone else is doing but you do a variation of the same act yourself? 

What makes us behave this way? I believe it is because we have a case of double-mindedness. We need to break free from this type of behavior. We even readily admit this to be the case, but somehow we never do it. Why? How can we get rid of it? 
Seems like a pretty easy answer but if you will actually apply it, then it’s not as easy as it may seem. You need to become a faithful student of the Word of God. That means, that even when your flesh wants to get up and do something else (sleep, eat, laundry…) then you must discipline yourself to godliness. Stay there – study and learn the Word of God and hide it in your heart. Once you have won the battle over your flesh and become a student of the Word, you will surely find that your mind has been made clean – washed with the water of the Word. And, the benefit – well, say goodbye to that case of double-mindedness. 
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Still On – “Just Wanna Say”

So, I’m still jammin’ Israel’s “Just Wanna Say” … come on March! The whole CD will be available then. This is my new “happy” song. Enjoy this video I picked up from You Tube – A Little Fuzzy but you can still hear the lyrics which are soooo good!

In case the video is not showing up for you, here’s the link: “″ type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” allowscriptaccess=”always” allowfullscreen=”true” width=”425″ height=”344″>

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Don’t Text and Drive

Texting while driving is dangerous. I warn about this constantly. To me, it does not make any sense to try to drive a multi-ton vehicle and text on a 5oz mobile phone with mini-keys or a touchscreen. Where is the logic? What is that important?

Think about it.

This falls under the category of distracted driving. Let’s think about the implications or scenarios that could unfold. You text and you are not looking at the road because you are texting and while you are looking at the phone instead of looking at the road, your multi-ton vehicle: (a) ends up in a ditch; (b) ends up on the wrong side of the road; (c) is involved in a collision; (d) or worse.

If you wreck your multi-ton vehicle but manage to only injure yourself, was that text message worth the insurance paperwork, the increase in your premium, the damage to your car and the damage to a helpless tree or some other form of vegetation or highway construction (ie a median). That would be a no – loud and clear.

If you wreck your multi-ton vehicle and manage to hurt someone else – either someone in your car or someone in another car, or a poor pedestrian, was that text message worth it? Is it worth the hospital bills, the blood, the police, the ambulance, the various traffic delays you have now caused, the stress on the victim’s family, the increase in your insurance premiums, the damage to your vehicle and on and on…. Even worse, if you, while texting, managed to take a life, was that text message that important? That would be a no – loud and clear.

What did we all do before texting? What did we all do before cell phones? We waited to speak to that person where we could look at them face-to-face or where we could sit down and relax and talk to them on the phone in the comfort of our home – away from that multi-ton vehicle.

The more you text and drive, the more you endanger the lives of innocent people who happen to be unfortunate in sharing the road with you.

I really think it’s disrespectful to text and drive. Your text is not as important as my life or the life of anyone else.

Stop and think.

You can always replace a cell phone or even upgrade a plan, but you can never replace a life.
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R.I.P Tara

Hi Bloggy Friends,

Thanks for stopping by. For those of you that do not know, I have a Facebook account. (Thanks Kristie!) And, because of said account, I can keep up pretty well with the lives of my friends. In fact, now I have my blog posts from blogger fed into my Facebook account.

As I was checking Facebook on Sunday, I came across some terrible news. One of my classmates from High School passed away in a car accident on Saturday. I don’t have any details yet, but it has got me to thinking about life – how short it can be for some; how long it can be for others.

At my church, we just celebrated the 100th birthday of one of our members. Today, I mourn the loss of a friend, who was in her early thirties. I most remember her smile that could warm a room.

Let this be a reminder to us all to live each day to the fullest; to show compassion one to the other; to live for Christ such that He is seen in our lives. We never know when it will be our time.

Please pray for the family and friends of Tara T Robertson.

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