How Much Do You Wanna Know?

I praise God for you bloggy friends! I have news.

You joined me in prayer and Wednesday, I got a call. My friend that I blogged about yesterday is doing better. He’s not out of the woods yet – the heart still is not doing what it needs to do yet, but he is progressing. And, we thank God for every blessing. Keep praying my friends!

God, I thank You for the improvement that the doctors are reporting regarding my friend.

Now onto my post for today… How much do you wanna know?

I’ve been in meetings. So many lately that my head is beginning to hurt! But, at these meetings, important decisions are being made. The people at these meetings are essentially running the company and they want to know details about everything. Anything that can affect their bottome line, they are all over it. They have scenarios and contingencies and a whole lot of what-ifs. They want granular detail on things that aren’t available so you’ve gotta give your best estimate. Talk about pressure. They want, they want, and they want…

And, well, you know what I’m about to type…. “it got me to thinking” about a few spiritual applications. So much so that I’m going to pose a question to you.

How much detail do you want?

I guess the answer would be found in the area of which we’d be speaking. Sure, we want as much detail as possible about our life – what might happen tomorrow or how our health will progress. Is there something that we can do today to prevent something else tomorrow. We love details about things that we cannot control. We want the inside scoop – we just want to know everything that we can if it affects us. And, I cannot place any blame or point fingers. I wanna know about the things that will impact my life too.

But let’s look at the flip side of that.

How much detail do you want to know about God? Well, automatically the redeemed will tell you that they want to know everything about God. They want to be in the presence of God, sitting at His feet, learning of Him and on and on they’ll tell you. But, if we watch their lives, will we see that desire expressed? Or will we see something else … like Christians playing the lottery because they have not learned that God will supply their every need according to His riches in glory – which, by the way, is a lot more than what any lottery can even conceive… or will we see Christians everywhere else but in church when the Word of God is being taught in detailed portions so that we can learn what it means to be Christ-like and learn about the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit? You see what I mean, right?

So, ask yourself honestly…how much detail do you want to know about the Triune God?
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The Great Sustainer

My friend is still on life support. The doctors are keeping him in this state for a few months. I know that just a few posts ago, I mentioned this but I’m still thinking about it so I am going to share it with you. Is that alright? I hope so. You give me such support that now, I’m asking you to remember my friend in your prayers.

He is such a neat guy. He’s a father of two boys, a husband of one strong woman, and he really knows his numbers! He loves details – and how! …before his transplant, he would sit at his computer reading up on every aspect of it all day long. And, before you think that perhaps he was obsessed, just know that if it wasn’t the transplant, he would be reading up on something else. He is not a greedy man. He is a simple man. Just happy to be. And, I think that’s what I like most about him. He just is who he is.

So, when I saw him after his surgery, connected to all kinds of machines, with all kinds of tubes and wires and this that and the other attached to him, what could I say? Yes, he was asleep, but for such a down-to-earth man living a simple life, this was too complicated. Too many machines. Too many people all around. Too much!

It overwhelms me to think about how many surgeries he has had. It overwhelms me to think about how many people it took to roll him out of surgery and back to ICU. It was a team y’all. And, there he was in the midst, barely seen through the people and the machines. Oh, and when he got back to ICU, it took the team another hour to get him all hooked up on the ICU machines. Modern medicine astounds me. But, the Sovereign Lord of the Universe amazes me. He is awesome.

To think that with just a command, I wake, I move, I breath. I have life because He sustains it. You have life, because He sustains it. How often do we go about our day without first considering Him? Without first thanking Him? I think about my life when I was unsaved. The things I did. How I never considered Him. How I never knew Him and yet through it all – He kept me. What an awesome God I serve.

I’m not fearful for my friend. I am at peace despite the machines because I know God. I know that with a simple command from God, my friend will rise, will wake, will move, will breath. I pray that for Him now in full faith knowing that God is able. And, if it be His will for my friend, He will be restored to full health with a new heart, a new joy and an increased faith in God.

I trust God with my friend. He is the great Sustainer. I pray that you will join me in prayer for him.

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Delight in Him

If the world was his oyster, my godson would have nothing more than endless time with his mom. She takes good care of him. He loves being near her…under her feet, so to speak. As a result, he has developed a need to be near whoever is his primary caretaker. He wants to snuggle up with you, play all around you … and on you, and he definitely does not want to be left anywhere by himself – we’re talking less than 8 feet here – not another room.

I can only imagine how that must make her heart feel. He’s just a baby so of course, he wants to be around you – but there is something so much more going on. It’s as if he needs to be around you. I’m not saying this is a bad thing – or good. I don’t know. It’s just an observation at this point. But it got me to thinking about my own relationship with God, the Father.

I wonder how it makes His heart feel when the one that He carefully knit together in my mother’s womb wants to snuggle with Him and be around Him. I wonder how it must make the Sovereign Lord of the Universe feel when His creation says back to Him that they don’t want to go anywhere or be anywhere without Him.

Psalm 149 says the Lord takes pleasure in His people.

I would venture to say that it feels good to be needed.
– We should praise God for the sun and moon, and stars; praise the Lord from the earth; praise the name of the Lord (Psalm 148)
– God goes before His people (Psalm 68)
– Save me…I’m weary…deliver me out of the mire, and let me not sink…(Psalm 69)

We need the Lord. He is here. He is near us. He is our security. Much like my godson likes the security of someone being near, we too, need to grasp hold of the security that our Father provides. He is here. He is near us.

I feels good to be loved and cherished.
– I will sing praises unto my God while I have any being (Psalm 146)
– Unto thee lift I up mine eyes (Psalm 123)
– O come let us worship and bow down: let us kneel before the Lord our maker (Psalm 95)

Our hearts soar when baby’s come to us out of their own desire. We cherish the hugs that they give us and the smiles that let us know that they are alright. How much more so will our Father delight over us when we show Him our love and devotion. How much more will He respond to our genuine desire to be with Him.

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The One that Keeps Me

Today is a great day!

So far, I’ve read my morning devotion, started the job and have experienced the greatest blessing just by recognizing how fortunate I am.

I am a Child of God. Wowzers!

God, in His love toward me, kept me throught the night. Wowzers! I have a friend who is on life support so that puts things in perspective for me. God kept me all through the night and then, He woke me up this morning.

I heard the birds chirping outside of my window. I didn’t moan and say, oh no, time to do it again. Instead, I rolled over, opened my eyes and said, thank you Lord! As the song goes, “you gave me, one more sunny day…” For those that know the song, I like that part when the singer says “one more…. one more… more…hallelujah”

(You knew I’d like that part, I know….hey, I like repetition on some things…)

Anyway, I am just glad. I am glad to be healthy and alive and able to experience life and I know that it’s all because of the One that keeps me.

He is a keeper. I hope that you will go into this weekend with your mind and hearts fixed on the knowledge that our God is a keeper.

Praise is due Him – Hallelujah!

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Please God, Please

I found myself praying…please God, please.

The feeling overwhelmed me.

I read my daily devotion and the topic therein caused me to examine my heart right then and there. My knees buckled underneath me. The mattress caught and held me. Please God, please.

Please never leave me, God. Please, never forsake me. Please never let me run from You or hide from Your presence. Father, help me to always run to You as my Lord and my keeper. That’s my heart desire.

I don’t want anybody but You. Nothing else is important but You.

I cannot imagine my life without God in it. Where would I be?

Meditating on my smallness in view of God brought me to a wonderful place of worship. And, I pray that you too have the right perspective: We are small, He is not. He is God. We are not. Without Him, we can do nothing. With Him, all things are possible. And, when I think on just these few things, I’m back to where I started. Please God, please. Never leave me. Never forsake me. Never let me run from or hide from Your presence. For it is in You that I move and have my being.

Thank you God for loving me. Please continue to help me keep a right perspective.

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This past weekend, I went to a wonderful women’s conference. It was the Whole Woman Day event hosted by Providence Baptist Church. This year, Mary Kassian was the keynote and the worship leaders were Scott and Alisa Shaw.

Friday night was a bit tough. The worship leaders were tired (with good reason but that’s their testimony) and the speaker was allergic to the flowers that adorned the stage. The Word of God went forth but the whole thing just made me go home and pray for Saturday. No disrespect here – please don’t read anything negative into that statement. I just wanted more real worship and a stronger Word for Saturday. And, I believe that God heard my prayer because He meet my concerns.

Saturday was absolute, positively, fantastic! Mary was funny, insightful and ready with the Word. She served it up beautifully for all who would, to feast and be fed. The Shaws were rested and ready with deep worship that brought us into the presence of God.

But it was not all about the worship experience and the Word. Providence provides for training as well through the classroom setting. The classes that I took this year (you get to take 2 ) were well prepared and I got some good information from both.
I have to tell you – if you’ve never been to a Whole Woman Day event – you’ve been missing out. So, when you hear the call for the next event, please do your spirit a favor and make plans to attend. You will be richly blessed. That’s a guarantee! Thank you Providence for your faithfulness in hosting Whole Woman Day and opening it up for the community. May God continue to bless your efforts to magnify His Kingdom.
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Filled Up, Pouring Out

It’s been a rough few days but God has been good to me. On Friday night and Saturday, I got to attend Whole Woman Day. It’s an opportunity to feast on the Word of God. And boy did I get full! I needed that spiritual replenishment. Thank God that He allowed me to go. And, thank God that I got a feast because I’ve needed it every since then.

  • Sunday, I attended a funeral for a close co-worker’s father.
  • Monday, started out good. I got a very good review on my work at my job. But lest I get too settled into my satisfaction for a job well done, glory be to God, I got a panicked phone call from a friend whose father was headed into emergency surgery.
  • Tuesday, I got a tearful phone call from a friend whose is “down on her luck” as they say.

People are hurting, what are we doing to help them? As for me, I’ve been about my ministering in any way that they need. I speak continuously about the Lord’s power in all of their situations. God, afterall, is God. He is able.

This approach, serving them and ministering to them about the goodness of God has allowed me to come face-to-face with their vulnerabilities. It has put me closer to them. And, for that, I thank God. I also thank God for His using me as a vessel. He used my worship this weekend to fill me up for the pouring out that would be required in the coming days.

I know that I am not the only one He uses. He uses you too. Have you been on the battlefield or the altar for someone in crisis lately? If so, please share how you were able to encourage them. I know that it would bless my readers.

Also, thank you to everyone that sent me an email or text yesterday out of concern for my situation. Please continue to pray for my friends.

God Bless You!

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Prayers Requested

Hey Bloggy Friends,

Today, in support of a dear family, I have been and continue to be at the hospital in the ICU and now, the Surgery waiting room.

Details later. But for now, please pray as the Lord leads you.

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Oh Nooooooo!

I have a two-year-old nephew who likes to say “oooh, noooooo!” It’s so cute! He will say this all day with no variation in intensity. The child is a star in the making – for the Lord of course. His enthusiasm toward his proclamation got me to thinking more about commitment.

He commits to saying his joyful phrase all day long…like a preacher. You can call him up and he will tell you the phrase just like the day before. I don’t know how his mother feels about hearing the phrase all day long, but I think it’s a demonstration of having a one-track mind (in a good way – be ye not doubleminded!).

I believe this one-tracked mind is focused on Christ – committed to Christ – for the rest of his days – and we pray that they’ll be a plenty since he’s so young now. And I believe that God would have us be the same way. Committed to him – wholeheartedly. Not committed on one day and then loving the world the next day. How can God get any glory out of our doublemindedness? Everything we’re about should be for his glory.

So, when you think about doing the things you ought not do, think about my nephew and say “OH NOOOOO.” Quickly pray and ask the Lord to lead you in the right way. Ask Him to help you so that your flesh is defeated and your spirit takes the win.

When you want to give up, or feel things are too hard – just tell that devil “OH NOOOOO” because God has brought you too far to turn around now. Like Marvin Sapp, go on and praise Him in advance. You may not know where God is taking you but you’ve got to know that He has not brought you this far to leave you – so stop all the whining about what you can’t do and get on with the program. Praise Him and watch Him work.

Tell the devil, “OH NOOOOOOOOO” and tell the Lord “YES”, like Shekinah Glory Ministries. Go on and sing your song – and hit ‘dem notes like in the song…go on, nobody is listening but the Lord and He accepts any joyful noise made unto Him.

Have a great weekend Saints!

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Best, not Better

Well, well … I think the saying is that we live and learn right?

I’ve been getting to bed at a good time this week so last night, feeling rather good about my accomplishments, I threw it all away and stayed up late.

Now, I’m exhausted – mentally dull. Funny how sleep will make you feel sharper, eh?

This whole exercise has taught me a little something about commitment. I made myself a promise that I would go to sleep or at least be in the bed by a certain hour and well, I didn’t do it. Shame on me! I broke a promise to myself. If I can’t keep a promise to myself, what does that say about me? ARGH.

So, I will start again. And, this time… well, let me say it this way – this time when I see myself making progress and feeling good, I will endeavor to press forward and not settle for better. I will press on to best.

So it is in our Christian walk. We like to settle for better…we say, “I’m not where I’m supposed to be but thank God that I’m not where I used to be.” True. But we could be further along if we stopped settling for better and pressed onward to best.

So, give it your best today, and then repeat tomorrow and the next day and the next day until your best is your standard.

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