My Friends Have New Blogs

Two of my friends have started blogs. If you think back to the time when you first started your blog, you may remember a time of excitement and wonder and expectation. And then as your followers and comments grew, you felt yet again another level of excitement. People stopped doing what they do to read a word from you. Humbling. 

So, with this in mind, I want you to take a moment from reading this blog entry and check out these new blogs and encourage their respective authors. Will you do that? Will you give a “virtual hug” and “welcome to the neighborhood” to my friends Kristie and Gretchyn?

Kristie’s blog is “I am Convinced.” She is a warm, giggly and friendly servant of the Lord Jesus and she is also hands down, the best chocolate-chip cookie maker in the world – and she used to make them especially for me. Notice the “used to.” Don’t slight her for that. I’m fat now so I don’t need any batches of cookies floating my way. But to show you her true dedication, she has mailed homebaked cookies to me before. Now, isn’t that amazing? You should go see her blog just because she’s good to me like that! She’s a faithful friend, wonderful mother and wife and also a fantastic kitchen scholar. Trust me. Everything she makes is beautiful. Hopefully, one day, she’ll post some articles about the way she cooks and how she makes everything look like it came out of the pages of a magazine. 

I haven’t know Gretchyn as long – maybe a little under a year, but we are sisters in Christ. So, time does not matter. We’ll be singing and praising the Lord together when we get to Heaven. Gretchyn’s blog is “GQ Too.”  She is a faithful and compassionate servant of the Lord Jesus. When I last looked, she was on her second post and she wrote about her children and the little ways they can encourage you when you least expect it. I personally can’t wait to see what she’ll post about as time goes on. I know she visits with the elderly and they have all types of stories. Maybe she’ll share a few.

So, please stop by these blogs and show these wonderful ladies some bloggy love! You won’t regret the time you’ll invest.   
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Your Words Were Found

The pages of this book speak life for my many times desperate soul. It is a treasure unlike any other I have know before. When I consulted with it on my finances, it told me what to do, and I have been obedient in doing it every since. When I needed direction, it told me how to proceed. When I wanted to know how to live a life that would glorify God,  it counseled me into right behavior. 

For my life, it is essential. Its riches are priceless. 

It’s pages yielded up a nugget of truth when I least expected it. I simply picked up the book and found within, a few words nestled on a page. Yet these words, this verse, lept up at me, making me notice. 

These words, made my stomach rumble with desire. 

These words made my mind search for applicable inventory.

These words, spoke life and rejuvenated me to continue to press forward into the riches of the book. They challenged my previous concepts and nurtured me just the same. 

These words: 

“Your words were found, and I ate them,
And Your Word was to me the joy and rejoicing 
of my heart” 
-Jeremiah 15:16

give me hope. I am hopeful because I am reminded that I do have this invaluable resource at my disposal in various translations and forms – whether hardback or leather; KJV,NIV, ESV etc.  I have the Word. I am privileged because I have the Word. And the more that I spend time in the Word, it is becoming to me the joy and rejoicing of my heart. 

It is becoming to me that “thing” that makes me happy. When I cradle it to my chest, I feel the power of it. It’s not just a bunch of words in a book. It is THE Word. The Inspired Word of the Living God. It’s life to me. 

I never thought I would feel this way about the printed Word of God. When I got saved, I had my mind on the Lord in a different way. But when I pick up these God-breathed pages – when I lay my weary hands to this book, I feel a tangible knowing. God is real. His Word is true. And knowing that He has made a way for me – and you – to find our way back to Him through the pages of a beautiful book that has lived throughout the ages – where people, who recognize its power will utilize it (hopefully for good – still got that Book of Eli movie on my mind too) – is amazing. 

I can only hope that you treasure the book like I do – or even more so. It is amazing to me how many people will go back home if they forget their cellphone but won’t go back home if they forget their Bible. But that’s about relationship. They recognize the value in having their mobile device with them but they do not recognize the value in having their godly device with them. But that’s another topic for another post. I encourage you to take the time to read your Bible, particularly if you SAY you are a believer. Establish your relationship so that you can say the words of Jeremiah 15:16 with sincerity.

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Inspiration Poem

Inspiration struck. In the span of 15 minutes, I had a poem that convicted, chastised and spoke truth to the heart of man.

And now, I’m torn as to what to do with it. 

Do I tuck it into my journal for safe-keeping? 
Do I mention it to someone that could take it to the airways? 
Do I take it to church for waiting ears to hear? 

What shall I do? I have already read it to my grandparents and three aunts. But there is something about this poem that makes me feel like it is destined to go further. It needs to be shared broader. 

So, share I will. 

I just need to hear from the Lord how to share it. If He permits, then I’ll share it here. But I want to be careful that I’m in His will and doing what He says – amazingly enough.

I’ve been slack lately with much – including my health. But, I need to be obedient in this, especially.

So, it is my prayer that I will hear from the Lord and do exactly what He says.

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Different World Views

I got my second special delivery letter from my sponsored child. This letter came much quicker than I expected but I think it was due to the Christmas holiday. I’m trying to calibrate my expectations to that 2-3 month cycle. Yet, every time I think of her, I smile. 

I’m happy to hear that she is doing so well. She takes the time to tell me all about her family – that’s pretty neat huh? Hopefully, as our relationship develops, we will learn many things about each other. For such a small amount per month (in the grand scheme of things) this child will now have an enhanced future – one where she will know the Word of God and where her basic needs will be provided for. 

Sometimes it seems to me that we don’t care enough for each other. We spout off at the mouth at each other so easily. And if we are not running off at the mouth, being verbally ugly – like some radio talk show hosts sitting in cushy atmospheres drinking too expensive coffee – casting their rhetoric to their dubious listening audience – then we are finding other ways to harm each other. The thing about words is that they show what’s really in your heart. And if that’s ugly…well… I’m sure that’s not the way God envisioned for the family of God to behave. Pile onto that, the way we abuse each other. Look at all the fake charities that have popped up in the midst of the Crisis in Haiti. We steal from each other; we hurt each other and with each blow, we move further away from God’s design for us. 

My world and my sponsored child’s world have different realities. Some days I think she may just have it better. Her world is far different. Yes, they are, by our standards, less fortunate; but because they have the right focus and the right level of respect and courtesy for other human beings – well, they may just be richer -in the right way. 

It is my prayer that we will all learn how to treat one another and that we become more careful with our  words towards one another. That we go back to the teachings of old to treat your neighbor as yourself and to esteem others higher than yourselves. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll get back there – some day. 

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The Book of Eli

It’s only two weeks into the new year and I’m already worn out. Lots going on. So, on Saturday, I decided to purposefully go rogue from my duties and do something fun. I like movies, so I made a call, and before you know it, me and two of my friends were seated at the movie theatre, prepared to watch “The Book of Eli.”

There’s lots of descriptions and internet reviews on this movie. Some like it. Some don’t. But, that’s the way of the world these days. Everybody has a certain say – and they can publicize and promote and post their view – much like I’m doing right now. 

I have to tell ya – I really liked the movie. I like action and a few good fight scenes. I know – you probably didn’t see that one coming. But, it’s all graphics and fancy choreography that makes everything look real. Obviously I wouldn’t really want to see somebody be beheaded…um…gross…ewe. But, the length that Eli would go to in order to protect the Book is more than what some would do. 

This movie has some good themes running through it and some great messages as well. For Believers of Jesus Christ, I think you may find this movie a worthwhile 2 hour break from your schedule. Some messages I walked away with were these: 

  1. Though many seek to destroy it, and may even temporarily succeed in limiting its availability, the Word of God lives forever. 
  2. If you hide the Word in your heart, no one can take it from you. 
  3. Good in the hands of evil profits no one. 

So, escape your routine for two hours and check out “The Book of Eli.” Then you too can post your opinions and tell your friends to check it out too!…or not….freewill and all. 

Speaking of freewill – emphasis on “free” – Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day. I pray that on this day, you will not just think of it as a day off from work but that you will think of ways to serve the community, or if you are like me and will be working, spend some time praying about the progress that we’ve made in the areas of social justice (thank you Lord) and also pray about the progress that is yet to be made. God is able to send us everything we stand in need of …

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Compassion for Haiti

With each click of my mouse, my heart sinks further. 
(picture from cathedral_1559211i.jpg from

(picture from street_1559213i.jpg

Each picture with its own take of ruin and destruction. Limbs hanging off of mattresses, topped by cement. Limp hands peaking through rubble. And the aftershocks still come. Saturday, the aftershock was a 4.5. Refugee camps and homeless men, women, boys and girls plaster my screen. Food is trickling to these resilient people, yet challenges remain. 

News broadcasters are in Haiti, bringing us back news of human suffering. But what can they say – there are no words. Everybody seems, to borrow from a Haitian, “numb with pain.” That is – everybody except for some folks, hundreds of miles away, looking on from behind their plush surroundings and comfortable microphones, ready to link disaster to money and speculation.

For me, it’s sickening. The way that a natural disaster is distorted for personal gain. Before the news has had an opportunity to sink into our hearts – before we can wrap our minds around the magnitude of the need and destruction – before we can get a reasonable estimate of the number dead and injured, there were radio hosts talking about how much money the US already gives to Haiti; undiscerning religious leaders crying that Haiti is a cursed nation; credit card companies ready to take a profit from charitable giving and fake internet sites ready to misdirect your charity into their pockets. When will we learn that money is not security?

Yet, this is the world that we live in. As I think about it, it makes me even more heartsick. We are a wealthy nation, founded on Christian principles. But we are a sick nation. Sick with the love of money; chained in some sense, to our own distorted view of right and wrong. 

It’s time for a change. 

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He Keeps on Keeping Me

I’ve had one of those weeks where on Monday, you’re asking “is it Friday?” It is only Wednesday, and if I did not know better, I would think someone, somewhere, added days to my week. 

It’s been long and stressful and I’m three days in. But, I really do not have anything to complain about. Yes, it’s been tough this week, but when I think about the fact that I’m still alive, I’m still healthy, I still have a roof over my head – what’s a few tough days? 

If I flip on the television, and watch the incessant coverage on the earthquake in Haiti or if I jot over to Twitter and read all the chatter on #Haiti, then no, my week simply cannot compare. 

Someone once said that somebody always has it worse than you do. I don’t know the origin or any details, but I understand the intent to take the focus off of ourselves long enough to realize how blessed we are. 

I’m blessed tonight. And so are you. Because at the very minimum, you have eyes to see this post, and knowledge to read and comprehend. You have a computer or access to an electronic device with internet capability and you have the time to peruse the internet at your leisure. You are blessed tonight.

So, as I prepare to go and thank the Lord for all that He has done for us, I just want to remind you that no matter how bad your week or day has been, God has blessed you and He has kept you. What a wonderful thing! 
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No Need for Fear

Jesus will protect you. That’s what I told her. And that’s what I meant. At times, our minds can go a little crazy imagining the what-if scenarios of life. And, before we know it, something small has escalated into something way bigger than it need be. That’s why I thank God for the calming agents of the Scriptures. To borrow from a famous story, the enemy can huff and puff, but for those who are rooted and grounded in their faith, he’ll never be able to “blow their house down.”

Fear can be paralyzing. We often times fear the very things we have no control over. So, why waste the time? I try to remind myself of that when circumstances come that are beyond my limited resources. I remind myself that although I’m not in control, the Sovereign Lord of the Universe has never lost control. All things are in His hands. And His hands are big enough and strong enough to subdue whatever frightens His children.

Jesus will protect you. There is no need for fear.

So, whether it is the case that you are going through a frightening situation or just one where you are feeling a little vulnerable, know that as His child, the Lord will protect you.

Check out Psalm 71.

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C.O.L.D. Weather Memories

Cold weather reminds me of hot chocolate, thick blankets, fuzzy socks and travel.

When visiting certain climates at certain times of the year, say winter, you learn to pack accordingly.

-When I visit Boston in the winter, I make sure to pack several layers, my fuzzy socks, sensibly warm shoes, and my big winter coat. 

– When I visit New York, the same attire applies, but I usually leave the fuzzy socks at home because in New York, I’m going to be out and about and not cooped up in my hotel room keeping cozy with my laptop. Can you imagine fuzzy socks peeking out of my shoes while pounding the pavement of New York. Ummm, no. Not cute. 

– When I visit Germany in the winter, I will often check my bag so that I can make sure that I’ve packed enough thick socks and thermals to keep me warm for the duration of my stay. 

For the past week, I have not traveled. I’ve been right here – fuzzy socks and all, dealing with the cold weather that has hunkered down on my state. This weather is abnormal – it normally does not stay this cold, for this long. They say it’s due to some winter storm affecting most of the nation. The midwestern states are getting whipped with snow storms and the like and we are even looking down the face of a snow storm too. Okay, snow dusting…but you never know.

All of this has me thinking about good ole Germany. Afterall, I was just there three weeks ago. I thought I might share some pictures with you. So, slip on your fuzzy socks, and cozy up to your computer with your hot chocolate.

If I’m recalling right, I think I took this picture in Munich when I got off the plane. I was changing terminals and to do that – I had to take a stroll outside. Yay for me! Nothing like getting a cold burst of air to wake you up after twisting and turning “all night” in an airplane seat, “sleeping” in a cabin full of strangers. But, it’s all good. I’ve never had any problems and I pray that I never will. I pray that you won’t either when you travel! Oh – side note, isn’t McDonald’s EVERYWHERE?!! Geez. Oh – the white tent you see is a vendor station but since it was 8am there, the vendors weren’t quite ready for primetime yet. My body wasn’t either. It was thinking – why are we running around Germany at 2am? Whose plan was that? Oh yeah – mine.

Okay, next picture.  I was in the next terminal, strolling around. Afterall, I did have a three-hour layover. This advertisement is for rental cars. It’s so neat to see so many cars that are “luxury” in the US, performing as “working” cars in Germany. All the taxis that I took on my trip were Mercedes. Of course, they weren’t all outfitted in leather, but hey, they were Mercedes. Oh la la.

This is a shot while I was in Nuremberg. This entire side of the hotel was in lights. Kinda neat. I took this coming back from the Christkindlesmart (Christmas Market).

Amazing enough, every time I go to the Christkindlesmart, I never buy ornaments. Instead, I go for the cookies and the gluwein mugs. And no, I do not drink the gluwein – though several upon several people do.

Outside of one of the galleria stores, this little musical group was doing their thing! They acted like we weren’t all freezing to death. It was C.O.L.D and raining, but they played and played – Santa hats and all.

I love Christmas songs. And, it is true – it gets you in the mood for shopping. The stores were crowded but I managed to come out with a few bars of German chocolate.

Oh the pictures! They remind me of the C.O.L.D. I guess I’m a warm-weather-loving girl to my very soul! Which is why I have to frown even as I look out of my own window to the crisp cool gray sky – winter weather. Bah Humbug. Come on warm temperatures and the wonderful time of year that is Spring and Summer. Is that asking too much? I’ll just have to wait a few more months.

I’m hopeful though. Maybe one day soon, the weather will turn a corner and behave the way that it’s supposed to for my region instead of the way that it has been. Sure, it’s supposed to be cold in my state in January – but not this cold. Clearly there has been a miscalculation somewhere! But, to see the benefit in all of this is to realize that this extreme cold does a good job of killing off those pesky bugs and viruses. So, it’s not all bad.

So, now that I have strolled down memory lane, fuzzy-socks and all, I’m going to wrap this post up. It’s a little longer than my usual, but hey, one long post every once in a while is good for me. Keeps my fingers limber and my brain flowing with something other than my usual. Hopefully you weren’t bored. Instead, I hope you enjoyed the glimpse of what I saw while I ventured about in Nuremberg.

I hope you had a great week – the first week of a new decade in a new year and I pray that you have an excellent weekend!

Your fuzzy-sock wearing, hot-chocolate sipping, warm-weather-loving friend,
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Renee, Doris and Wendy Encourage Me

This year is off to a good start. I have taken a moment to browse a few blogs and thought I would share some of those with you. I hope that you will take a minute to go around the blog in … you know the minutes! – not me!! Stay as long as you want on these blogs. I am quite sure that the blog owners will appreciate your visit.

I have been following Renee’s adoption story with Baby Aster and then the blog began to really pull on my heart strings as I read about everything that seemed to be hitting her all at once from her mother’s illness to the potential for her own illness in addition to raising a baby along with two boys and a husband. Well, I guess you don’t really raise a husband – although some women may say otherwise. Well, you know what I mean. Check out Aster’s Christmas and Renee’s awesome response to God in the midst of her perfect storm.

Life can hand us some dooseys – I typed that out just like I wanted to say it!! You know what I mean. Life and its circumstances can whoop us upside the head and steal our joy if we are not careful. That’s why we have to be on the lookout – be vigilant. And, that’s also why I found my friend Doris’ post on Joy quite interesting. I hope that you will too.

After reading about sweet Aster, God’s hand in Renee’s life and the joy that is available to all of us through Doris’ post, I want to make sure that you check out Wendy’s post on New Year’s Resolutions – ah…I mean New Year’s prayers. You will NOT be disappointed. Wendy is an excellent Bible teacher – in fact, she has taught me. So, don’t skip out on Wendy’s post for New Year’s prayers! 

And with that last reading from Wendy, I will leave you to write (see, if you read Wendy’s post, you’d know what I mean!).

See you ’round the blog-o-sphere…aka….I’ll be back on Friday, God-willing.

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