Feed Your Spirit

Early in the morning, my puppy Carlyle, likes to play rather than to eat. Sure, when I first put his food down, he’ll race over to it and take a few bites, but then, toys are on his mind.

It does not matter if I put all of his toys away the night before, he will still leave his food bowl in search of his toys. He will visit each spot where his toys have been previously in search of them, all the while, I’m telling him to eat his food.

Kinda obedient, each time I tell him to eat, he will wander back towards his food bowl, take a nibble and wander off again when I’m not looking. It’s not that he has a beef with his food – oh contraire. Rather, it is that he simply wants to play.

We can sometimes be like Carlyle.

When we wake up in the morning, we want to play in our make-up and beauty regimen trinkets and toys instead of eating the Word of God.

We would rather cater to our outside instead of catering to our inside.

Our soul needs to be fed with the meat of the Bible before we leave home, but so often, we, like Carlyle, get distracted. We wander around our homes finding the right outfit and shoes, grooming the outside while leaving our inside – our spirit man – unsatisfied.

So, let’s take a lesson from Carlyle. Let’s endeavor to feed our spirits in the morning. Let us put away toys in search of real satisfaction that comes from feasting on the Word.

God wants us to delight in Him and seek Him early. Let’s focus on what God wants instead of what we choose or think we need. For some, your toy may be coffee, make-up, perfect shoes, perfect hair, a big breakfast or time in your comfy chair. But God is watching. He monitors us and desires that we have enough to eat spiritually before we jump out into the world for the day.

He wants us to have enough nourishment to fight off the attacks of the enemy. He wants us to be sustained. But for all of this to occur, we need to do something: Seek Him first. Feed on His Word. And He will sustain you.

When Carlyle gets hungry enough, he’ll come over and finish up his food. But we can’t afford to wait like Carlyle can. We need to be on the offensive instead of the defensive. We should be nourished first to fight instead of getting beat up and then having to retreat to the Word to get filled up again.

Keep this in mind, for God-willing, you will have another morning to wake up to and get off to a great start. Feed your spirit!

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Have you been to Definace yet?

So, have you been to Defiance yet? I wrote about my latest trip to Definace here. I am still thinking about Mary DeMuth’s final volume of the Defiance triology.

I think what strikes me most about this book is Mary’s ability to intertwine the lives of these characters in such a pure and uncomplicated way in the midst of such a tangled web of drama. As an aspiring author, her style intrigues me… challenges me…makes me want to be a better writer.

Obviously, I’m a fan of the series, and think you should be too. No undue pressure, of course.  If you want to read what others have to say about it, instead of hearing from little ole me, you can visit this link on Amazon and read the reviews. When I posted this link, the book had 40 reviews, with 32 of them being 5 out of 5 stars. That tells you something, right?

So, check it out and let me know what you think.

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Race for the Cure

This past weekend, I had the distinct privilege of being surrounded by 30,000 people united for the same cause – breast cancer research.

I participated in the Susan Komen foundation race. And, while I had not done all of the preparation that I needed to do for the race as far as stretching and being physically ready, I still walked the race during the fun run/walk. This year, my race-day buddy and I added a new member, so we walked together as three.

My church participated as well. God is so good to us. Even though we arrived separately, we still all managed to see each other and cluster up! Out of so many people, it’s a miracle that we found each other, but we did!

I was happy to be a part of the event. I participate in the race, not because of any personal history. I do it because I want to be around people who know what’s its like to survive and thrive. Each year, the survivors get their pictures taken. They are treated extra special. They have come through a battle victorious. And I, well, I like to see them smiling. I like to see how God has blessed them. And I also go to see how people who have lost loved ones are honoring their deceased. I know that sounds a bit strange, but to me, to see so many “in memory of” plastered about, is a celebration of that person’s life – their legacy, if you will. They have not lived their lives in such a way that they are easily forgotten. No, these folks left behind people that genuinely loved them – so much so, that they take the time to register, race and raise money for breast cancer research.

It’s all very touching to me. And that’s why, my intentions are, to make every race possible…even if I have to walk it!

If you are interested in donating to the Susan G. Komen foundation for breast-cancer research, please visit this link:

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We enter into so many relationships. We have relationships with parents, children, spouses, co-workers, church folks – you get my drift. We are always moving around from one relationship to the next. We find some relationships rewarding while other relationships we find to be not-so-rewarding. Some relationships lift us up and others tear us back down. And no matter what type of relationship, we generally are never really tempted to stop having them. Most of us don’t give up on people and retreat to our own personal island where we are the only living soul there. Most of us can’t afford said island – especially in this economy!

Nevertheless, we are actively engaging with one another on a regular basis. But, for a large majority of us, there is one relationship where the phrase “active engagement” would be a lie. Funny thing is, the relationship that too many of us ignore is the one relationship that matters most.

Of course, the relationship I’m referencing is the one that we have the privilege of having with the Lord Jesus. This is one relationship that you should not neglect. Think about it. (I know you were probably expecting me to put on my preacher-hat and hit with a message about salvation and access and privilege. But today, not so. Today, I really would like for you just to think about who you are having relationships with in comparison to your relationship with the Lord. Then let Him address you from there.)

Have a blessed day.

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Life in Defiance – Mary DeMuth

Simply put, Mary DeMuth is a master story-teller. Life in Defiance is my fourth read by DeMuth and I just have to say, I thank God for blessing her in such a beautiful way. To me, this author is fresh and candid, honest and gritty, all at the same time. I have not read many novels that captivate my attention the way that Life in Defiance has done. I read it in just a few days – which is major for me due to my schedule…and new puppy. Let me tell you a little bit about Life in Defiance.

First off, it’s the third and final book in the Definance Triology. Second, it’s the best book in the Triology. Sure, that’s my opinion, but this book has so many twists and turns and such brillant writing that you will agree once you read it. The best thing about it – you’ll never see the end coming. As I flipped toward the end of the book, I began to wonder how DeMuth was going to tie everything together with so little pages left, but she mastered the ending. I even liked the ending – and agreed with it too. To know me is to know that’s no small feat. 

Oh yea, I was telling you about the book. 

For as passionately as I feel about Mary DeMuth the author, and her God-given ability to write a stirring, raw and sometimes gut-wrenching novel, I feel a similar passionate attachment to the characters she writes about. Now, take Ouisie Pepper. She has been on my mind since the first book when Daisy disappeared. I liked her but I didn’t understand her. In fact, she frustrated me to some degree – particularly when it came to Hap. And, well, I’ll put it out there, I really didn’t get her attachment to Emory – you know, it was one of those, I get it but I don’t get it. See, that’s how DeMuth pulls you in. She makes strange alliances between characters that make you say, hmmmm….better keep reading. 

I’m glad I kept reading! The way that the characters evolve from the first book to this book is priceless. Go Mary DeMuth!!! Rock Star!! The way I felt about the characters at the beginning are now different. All different. All colorful. You’ll see when you read about Ethrea Ree, Delmer, Hap, Jed, Sissy, Sheba and the whole lot of towns folk – even church folk. 

Back up – gotta talk about Sheba for a minute. She’s something else. Her letters make me holler! But, you’ll just have to read the book to see what I mean. Go on and let Sheba minister to ya!

There are so many things I could write, so many plot twists, so much rawness of emotion and so much real life…so much failure of man and so much glorification of God…you will not have robbed yourself of anything by taking the time to read this Trilogy and in particular, this book. No, quite the contrary. If you will invest the small amount time, you’re life will be blessed. 

You can find this book on Amazon here.

And by the way, I received the book free from the publisher (Zondervan) to review, but this in no way colored my opinion. Mary DeMuth is simply a wonderful, God-blessed, novelist. 
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Don’t Let Fear Govern You

No one likes to truly be afraid. Sure, there are thrill-seekers, who do outrageous things – they push the limits and get their heart rates up in anticipation of some thing or event that will place them right on the edge of safe and unsafe. This fear is their choice. However, real fear, being truly afraid, is not a willful choice. Often times, it just presents itself. Here are some examples: 
  • we are driving along and suddenly, out of nowhere, an out of control tractor-trailer is speeding toward us, and we are trapped in our lane – unable to get out of the way of impending danger. That’s real fear. 
  • we are at the doctor for a routine check-up when confronted with the news that our test results have come back expressing a need for further investigation. The grim look on the doctor’s face provides no comfort. That’s real fear. 
  • we work at a job for a number of years, only to find out that the job is being eliminated. we have no savings. No one to turn to. No local support, but plenty of bills and loans to pay. That’s real fear.
So, what can we do about it? First, we recognize that it is fear. Sometimes we like to pawn it off on some other emotion. Yet, we need to rightfully call it what it is. Fear. As Edward Welch says, we need to expose our fears and in doing so, we will find peace. The peace that is waiting for us upon the exposure of our fears comes directly from God. 
So, we take all of our fears to God. We “expose them to the light of day because the more you find the more blessed you will be when you hear words of peace and comfort.” (Edward Welch, Running Scared: fear, worry and the God of rest
When we carry those fears, whether it be a basket-load or a truck-load, we leave them with our God. He has the power to speak peace over our very circumstances. He has the power to calm our fears and provide us with all that we stand in need of. He has the power. We don’t. 
I encourage you to spend some time studying fear from the biblical perspective. Surely there were times when God’s people were afraid. As you study, you will see how God answered each of their prayers and requests to Him. You will see how He used His power to deliver. And you will also have an opportunity to read their response. 
  • Abraham was afraid, but God told him something valuable in Genesis 15. Check that out. 
  • Hagar was afraid for her son, but God addressed her in Genesis 21
  • The Disciples were afraid during the storm at sea, but Jesus stepped in to calm them, as it is told in the gospels. 
  • John 14:27 addresses the peace that is available to us if we lay fear down and pick up peace. 
See, there are lots of opportunities to find out what God says about fear in His Word, both Old and New Testaments. So, please, don’t let fear govern you. Govern yourself by His Word. 

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Mr. Carlyle

There once was an owner who had a dog and Carlyle was his name O … okay, I can’t really fit Carlyle in with BINGO, but perhaps you get my point anyway. Carlyle and I have been having a truckload of fun. He’s been out to visit with somebody (or somebody’s dog) every day as part of his socialization process. I think he likes going places but the recovery takes its toll on the little tike. He always,without fail, falls asleep on the way back home. 
We went to visit his cousins and he played and played and played. This was the end result. We weren’t even a three miles away when he went to sleep. When we got home, he was knocked out. Completely spent. Oh well, guess we better let little guy get his sleep.

Yepper, there he is – laid on his back, head to the side.

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The Right One

So, what was all the fuss about in my previous post? Well, I had been anticipating a new arrival – a puppy. And the email told me that the puppy that in my mind and heart I thought I wanted was sold to someone else. Gasp! 

Well, come to find out through trusting God completely, He had worked everything out. Once I drove to the place where the puppies were, the breeder told me that he had spoken to the other buyers and I could have my pick of the puppies (the original plan). This news actually threw me in a tailspin. Remember, I’d gone out to the place prepared to make a decision on one puppy, thinking that I would not have the opportunity to make a decision on the other puppy.

Grace and mercy prevailed. I could choose. And grace and mercy prevailed again because I picked the one that I didn’t think I wanted (thus the cause for all the unrest from the previous post was really unjustified!). You see, I thought I wanted one puppy – and knowing that he was sold made me very unhappy. But when I got to see the puppies, the one that I didn’t think I wanted, came up to me and sat down beside me. He looked at me as if he were saying, “I’m all packed and ready to go when you are.” Drama. The puppy that I thought I wanted was cool playing with me but he was like, “girl, I’m just not that into you.” Go figure. 

So, I got the puppy that was “totally into me”. And, now I am soooo into this little guy! You will be too when you see him…ready….get ready now… see him!?! Adorable. God worked everything out and now, my puppy, the right puppy that God picked out for me, is home. 

God knows best! 

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