Helpful Hope: Wait for God

Heartbreaking is the story of someone who was in close proximity to help but never realized it. I know of many stories that have played out that way. Help was right there – within reach but instead of reaching out for the help, the person just gave up or either gave in.

My heart aches when these stories are recounted to me. I always see them in the spiritual aspect. As Christians, we serve a Mighty God. He provides all that we need for life. Yet, so many times, we fail to plug in to what He has for us. An electronic device is no good if you never plug it in. While it may look good on the outside, it needs the power source that comes from inside the wall. We have to be plugged in or we will never achieve the great things that God has planned for our lives. We need that power source that comes from being plugged in to God. We need the strength that comes from being connected to Him in fellowship and obedience.

A recent story reminded me of what happens when we give in. In this case, the tempting lure was to an unsavory attraction. And despite many biblically-based attempts to deter, the choice was made to give in to the temptation and turn away from the Lord. We all operate in our own freewill. Yet, if we are really going to walk this walk as Christians and mean it, then we have to become a people who will simply do things God’s way. We cannot give in to what tickles our fancy or what soothes our flesh.

I don’t desire that for anyone. Instead, it is my prayer, even as I pray for the story that was laid before me, that we will get to a place of knowing that God’s Word is true. If He has made us a promise, then all we have to do is wait in expectation. It will come to pass. He will give us what we need to attain it or He will deliver it right to us. Don’t miss out on God’s blessing by giving up or giving in. Hold the line. He’ll provide His blessing in due season. Wait for God.

But they that wait upon the Lord
shall renew their strength;
they shall mount up
with wings as eagles;
they shall run,
and not be weary;
and they shall walk,
and not faint.
Isaiah 40:31

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She Loves the Lord that Much

My friend is leaving to go on a mission trip to Durban. She is such a sweet woman. I’ve watched her prepare mentally and physically for this trip. I believe that she already was ready spiritually. She has such a heart for others to know Christ. I could see her out on the mission field for the rest of her days because she loves the Lord that much. 

We have a friend that does not love God like that. But she never lets this friend’s pessimism deter her from sharing the gospel message. She is not easily swayed by circumstances that are not favorable. She always comes through because she knows that she is not in control. God is. She leans on Him. And He holds her steady. 

She has not always had it easy. But through the trials she has endured, she has developed a strong and unshakeable faith that is taking her all the way to South Africa. She doesn’t care for flying, but her love for Christ is propelling her on that airplane. She will trust Him as she soars over the Atlantic. She knows that God will keep her. 

It’s amazing the opportunities that open up to us when we trust God. When we believe in Him, He takes our situations and turns them around or improves them for our benefit. All because we believe. My friend is leaving this continent and going to another, all on faith; just to make sure that others know about the goodness of the Lord Jesus. She loves the Lord that much. 

So, I have a question: 

  • For the believers who read this: “what are you doing for Christ? What has your faith propelled you to do?” Do you love the Lord enough to sacrifice your comfort for the benefit of others? 
  • For the nonbelievers who read this – will you just sit back and think about everyone that Has tried to tell you about Jesus. Will you take a moment and think what He has done? It’s not too late to accept Him as your Lord and Savior. If you have any questions and want to talk confidentially, you can email me. I’ll answer. 

Go into this Wednesday, not with the mindset of “hump day” but with the mindset that God Almighty has granted us another day. Use this day to His glory.

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A Bird’s Eye View

There I was, hovering above the earth in the helicopter when it struck me.

From this view, our problems just seem so trivial.

I’m used to air travel. My last few years have been spent in and out of airplanes. But never before have I seen my city like this. Sure, when I’m coming in on some large aircraft you get to see the place you’re visiting as you descend. But a helicopter is different. It’s slower, giving you more time to fully appreciate what lies beneath.

I saw a city that is so beautiful. Hovering above, it looks like a model. Like you could go to the local supply store, buy a few plastic houses and trees and put it together. Simplistic, yet breath-taking.

I wonder if God sees us like that. He hovers above us and yet walks with us. He has a bird’s eye view and an upfront view. And while we labor in the details of our upfront view, not seeing the way, He hovers above us, knowing that in the grand scheme of things, our obstacles are light and trivial if we will but rely on Him. He knows the plans He has for us – He knows the bird’s eye view. All we have to do is follow His direction and stop looking at our own way. We only have the upfront view. But He knows it all.

Will you lay your problems down today and follow Him? He’s got a view you cannot see.

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Blogs of Note

I’ve been spending some time looking at other blogs. Y’all, there is so much good stuff on the Internet if we will take but a moment to review the information. If you find a blog that you like, go ahead and subscribe to it. That way, you will never miss out on when the writer posts something. Most have subscribe buttons – mine is to the right (wink!). 
Today, I’m just going to post a few links so that you can visit some of these great blogs. Take some time to look through them.
I started my blog in 2007 and when I set out for the first time, I needed some help. My good friend Angela helped me. I modeled some things that I saw on her blog to help me define my own. Angela’s website is here. She is a homeschooling momma, dedicated book reviewer and Bible study creator. In fact, I’ve done one of her studies – and so have some of the people of Malta who are thirsty for Christ. She’s on Twitter – @refreshmysoul
Everybody knows that I love me some Mary DeMuth. It started when I ran into her at She Speaks. She was handing out some books and asked if I wouldn’t mind helping hand out a few. I didn’t know who she was and when she took the podium to teach the session, I nearly fell out of my seat. She was giving away for free, to a large room, stocked with eager writers, copies of her novel Daisy Chain. Say what?!! Yep, I figured since I got it for free, I might as well read it. And you know how I feel about that book and the subsequent other books because I wrote about it here and here and probably some other places. You can do a search for all my Mary DeMuth mentions to the right in the Search box. Her blog is here. She’s on Twitter – @MaryDeMuth 
The blog I check nearly every Monday through Thursday is Lysa Terkeurst’s. You know her as the President of Proverbs 31 Ministries. It’s this organization that runs the She Speaks Conference that I attend. Thus far, I’ve been four times. They really put on a good conference. I like Lysa because she talks about her own challenges and will even talk about where she has failed. I cannot always relate to the motherhood blogs but I can relate to challenges that try to consume us. Maybe a year ago, she was writing about her weight challenge. I’m still in my challenge season – due to my own disobedience and disregard for doing the right thing – but she’s out of her challenge season now. She just maintains. Having just seen her, I can tell you she looks great. Her latest book for which I’ve reviewed is Becoming More than a Good Bible Study Girl. Worth the investment – and maybe you should consider doing it as a study with friends. Nevertheless, she has a good blog that you should look at when time permits. She’s on Twitter – @lysaterkeurst
There are plenty more that I could write about but I’m going to leave this post with these three. I’m working on word count and don’t want to be too wordy…
Have a great weekend!

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A God-paced Life

Give time enough time to do its work

We rush too much. Want things to happen too quickly. You’re probably wanting me to get to the point right now! We suffer from what John Ortberg calls “hurry sickness.” We live in a microwave society. We want things fast … and now. However, we must realize that walking hand-in-hand with God means loosing hand with the worldly driven fast-paced life. Instead, we have to grab hold of the God-paced life and not go ahead of Him.   

Just because I want a homemade cake doesn’t mean that one will automatically appear. If I want a homemade cake, I’m going to need to bake it myself. That means I have to go to the store, buy ingredients, drive back home, unpack the ingredients and put them into a bowl. Then I’ll have to pour the combined ingredients into a mold of some kind. And still yet, after I’ve pre-heated my oven, which takes time, I still have to wait for the cake to bake. Things take time. Things we want take time. There is a time element to all that we are. 

When we were knitted and formed in our mother’s womb, it took time. Time for us to move from a cell to multiple cells. Time for our limbs to grow and develop. Time for our little bodies to gain enough weight. And when we were done, it still took time for our mothers to deliver us. We cannot escape time. So, why do we rush it away? Perhaps it is because we have the wrong perspective on time. We want things in man’s time. But God wants to provide for us in His time. 

If we really thirst after a God-paced life, we have to invest in time. Although it may be a hidden desire of our heart, we will not go to bed a spiritual infant and wake up a Super Saint, no matter how much we may will it to be so. It just does not authentically happen. It takes time to read and study. It takes time for God to reveal Himself in all the ways that He will when we will make the time for Him. 

In order to have a God-paced life, we have to give our lives to Christ, and allow Him the time to work on our hearts. We have to study our Bible so that we can begin to know Who it is that we intend to serve. We have to be serious about our Christian growth and not hot one week and cold the next. As much as I may want to absorb the Bible’s content by osmosis, it just ain’t gonna happen. It takes time – daily effort of reading, studying and applying for it all to sink in and become relevant in my personal life. Do you have the time to walk hand-in-hand with your Creator? Or does the quick pace of your life require all the attention you can muster?

Consider this – God’s pace will help you win the race. Have a fantastic, God-paced weekend. 

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Meeting Tom Davis

Are you familiar with Tom Davis? 

I recently became acquainted with this author when my Twitter account told me that I could get one of his e-books for free. I’m always interested in a free. 

This is the book that Tom Davis offered to this very excited book collector. 

I got this picture from so if you want to look inside the book, you’ll need to go to
Scared is the story of a photojournalist, Stuart Daniels, who, through various circumstances,  leaves New York and ends up in Africa where he meets an orphan. I don’t want to give too much of the book away, so I’ll just leave it there. You can read more about the book by following this link:

At She Speaks this year, I had the privilege of meeting Tom Davis. He gave away more of his books – autographing each one of them. This time he gave away Priceless.

Again with the Amazon thing…sorry…

The feeling that I got from meeting him is that he is a really genuine, personable, down to earth, Jesus-lover. I don’t know what that means to you, but it means alot to me. Here’s a link to his charity:

So, have you read any of his books? Have you had the opportunity to meet Tom? Just curious. Take a minute to look through his links and if the Spirit moves you to buy one of his works or support an orphanage or related cause, don’t quench the Spirit!

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God Still Answers Prayer

The power of prayer was made manifest in my life just Saturday night. I had a relapse and fell ill again. The major problem with that was my desire and obligation to teach Sunday School the next morning. There are two teachers for the class, but this Sunday, the other teacher would not be there  – leaving just me. And, with such short notice, I didn’t want to have to call the Sunday School Superintendent. I appealed to some prayer warriors and they went to work. My parents were both out of the state – in different states – Texas and California – but my sister was my “nurse on stand-by”. I heart that girl! She has such a sweet, sweet spirit. Lest I get off track, I am writing all this to tell you of the wonder of God. 

I laid on my couch somewhere between feeling bad and feeling really bad. I didn’t want to move for fear that I’d upset my stomach. My emotions were swinging between “this cannot be happening to me” and “I guess this is happening to me – might as well accept it.” Must have been the medicine! My puppy went about his routine, patrolling and coming back to check on me. With my worship music going on my cellphone, I began to speak to God about my situation and my heart’s desire. My prayer warriors prayed. I prayed. And I could actually feel whatever was ailing me start to back off as I started thinking about calling it a night and wondering if I would need to sleep on the couch. But the symptoms started coming under submission to God. So much so, that I was able to get the puppy ready for bed – myself as well. 

I prayed myself to sleep. My prayer warriors informed me today that they kept praying too. And when I woke up this morning – I felt strong. I will have you know that I not only felt well enough to teach the Sunday School class, I stayed for morning worship as well. The power of prayer is nothing to be discounted. I have done so privately, but I publicly want to thank my prayer warriors for interceding on my behalf. I sounded pitiful Saturday night, I know, but I’m on the mend. I feel strong. And for that, I praise God! Thank you Lord! 

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Resting and Thanking God

So, it’s Friday. And, I gotta say, I have had an interesting vacation. I’ve been sick most of it. Go figure. And while I would normally throw my hands up in angst, I have to look at the positive side of it. I’m guessing that God has wanted me to rest during this time away from my fast-paced life. And, rest I have. I’ve slept and rested and slept some more. I haven’t done much thinking. No stressing, just resting. And, hopefully with all of this rest, my body will heal up soon.

I called the doctor back because I wasn’t seeing any progress. I spoke with the nurse. She is supposed to call me back today. But then I got to thinking that I have access to the One True Doctor – you know what I’m saying. I reiterated my request to be healed and made whole again. And, within a few hours, I began to feel some change happening. I’m not kidding y’all. God heard my cry to Him. He is going to fix this for me.

I’m not too upset that I’ve spent this vacation time traveling back and forth between my couch and my bed. God knows best. And I thank Him for caring enough for me to slow me down in no uncertain terms. What are you thanking Him for?

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She Speaks 2010 – What an Experience!

So who goes to a writer’s conference and comes back with nothing to say. Me.

 I feel so speechless.

 I feel overwhelmed. 

I am so glad that God met me in such a unique and special way in the Prayer Room at She Speaks. Even though the enemy tried to block it by having women chatting it up with each other in the Prayer Room, God heard my cry, and ordained a time that I could go when women who were serious, like me, about hearing from Him would be in there. Thank you God. 

Now, I know without a doubt what I am to do. I thought I knew before and now I know for sure. There’s a peace that comes with that knowing. 

I was so blessed by the presenters and classes at She Speaks. I saw some old friends and met some fantastic new friends. I got some direction about writing and the reason behind the writing. I guess I came away with an entirely new perspective about writing in general. Thank you God! 

And despite what I said before going regarding coming home with books, (I was only coming back with two books) I’ll have you know that I came home with a boatload of new books. Some I paid for, others, due to the generosity of the publishers and authors, were autographed and simply given to me. What? How grand is that? I’ve got books by Susan Meissner and Tom Davis, autographed to me, for free! 

I met Angela Thomas for the first time, reconnected with my favorite author, Mary DeMuth, spoke to Lysa Terkeurst and otherwise engaged with what I deem Christian author royalty. OOOH and I got to see in person, the one little girl that keeps me going back to her mom’s blog several times to see if she has posted pictures – I got to see Baby Aster. How blessed was I?!!?!?!! Thank you God!

I’ve got lots of work to do to improve my craft but I’m so glad that I was able to attend this, my fourth year. Each year, I have a different focus about what I want to learn and each year, those goals are met. Praise God! 

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