We Can’t Go Back

I had the opportunity to participate in my second African American Women of Faith conference call. It was wonderful. The first one featured First Lady Michelle Obama and this call had gospel artist and radio personality, Yolanda Adams, and a host of influential female clergy across the nation. We were all participating in our individual capacity, not representing any church nor encouraging that you vote for any particular person or party. Instead, we talked about the importance of exercising our right to vote. 

So, I want to take a minute on this blog to encourage you to exercise YOUR right to vote. So many times, we feel powerless – like what we do does not matter or will not matter. But don’t believe the lies of the enemy. You matter. Your vote matters. 

These elections are going to be close. So, make sure that, no matter which side of the aisle you find yourself, that you can say with confidence that you have researched your candidates and you made your vote count. 

So, vote now, vote early. And if you must wait until then, vote on November 2nd. We cannot go back to a time where we didn’t vote, or where we couldn’t vote. We can’t go back to a time where apathy rules the day. We cannot move the country forward if we are constantly looking back. Let’s move forward. Vote!    

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Choosing God

Angela Thomas has captured my attention. I wrote about the conference I attended in July. She was the keynote speaker one night. As a result, I purchased some of her materials. On the way home, I listened to her teaching CDs and now, I’m doing a workbook with my friend. 

One of the exercises focuses on Choosing God. Angela says that she knows it sounds like Jesus 101. I laughed. It does sound like that from reading the title but there is so much more beneath the surface…behind the words…choosing God.

It’s a reminder to me that it really is a choice. Christianity and having a relationship with God is your choice and my choice. God is such a Gentleman that He does not push Himself on us. Instead, He allows us to make the choice. He allows us freewill. 

Angela says “the very first step toward spiritual growth is choosing with your heart and your mind that maturity is what you want.” If you want Jesus, He’s there for you. He’s not hard to find. He’s not wrapped up in some formula. He’s there for you. Jesus 101. So simple. Straight and narrow is the way. But we have to want to follow the Way, with our freewill. 

And that’s the hitch. We may say we want Him with our mouth, but our heart and mind must also be in agreement. Our total selves must want to follow hard after God. When you seek Him, really seek Him, He will be found. He’s good like that. 

So, will you choose Him today? And keep choosing Him the next day and the next day?  It’s something to think about for the ones on the fence but I can say with my whole heart and mind that I choose God. I choose Him everyday for the rest of my life. I love Him like that! 

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I’ve been getting my “celebrate” on lately. I recently had a birthday and because I had been feeling what felt to me like “unbearable” weight, I decided to let all of that go and let loose for my birthday. So, I did. Let me tell you, I ate cake, I went shopping, I fellowshipped with true friends, I rejoiced with my family and of course, I loved on my puppy. He was so excited – he must have thought it was his birthday!

I celebrated because I made a decision that other people’s burdens don’t have to become totally mine. What a relief! I think I was taking that Galatians 6 a little too directly! Its back to what I said in my last post about the thorn. Yes, I may carry the thorn with me, but it doesn’t have to consume me. I just have to obey God. Listen to Him. Be directed by Him. And rejoice because of Him. Celebrate!! Happy Dance. Happy Dance.  Woot!!!

So, that’s where I find myself this wonderful day. On celebrate mode. An even though that slew-footed dude keeps trying to bring me down, I’m not going down without a fight. I’m reveling in my Christian freedom. I feel like I can soar!

I feel like singing…”I’m free…praise the Lord, I’m free…no longer bound; no more chains holding me; my soul is resting; it’s just a blessing; praise the Lord, Hallelujah, I’m free!” Good thing for you, you’re not sitting near me or I’d have to saaang it for you.

So, do I have anything profound to say today? I know that’s what you are wondering . And my answer is yes, I do. Rejoice in the freedom you have in Christ, as a believer. You may feel worn down, tattered and torn to pieces by your circumstances. The weight of all the circumstances may be troubling your soul. But just take it to Jesus. Take it to Him and leave it there. He will take your burdens and give you the strength to endure. And, he may just set you free, even in the midst of your circumstance. I still have the friend that is walking by the flesh and not by faith, but, I’m still free. I’m still free to pray for my friend and I’m still free to worship. I’m still free to celebrate! Don’t let your situations bind you – get free!

I’m celebrating! I hope you will too. Take a minute to celebrate Jesus!

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