Oh Whitney…Why?

So now we have it. The Coroner’s report.

When I heard that Whitney died from an accidental drowning – that she was still alive when she went under the water, I couldn’t believe it. I went further – read more. And that’s when the other details hit hard. Cocaine was indeed found in her system.

In fact, she likely took the cocaine, had a heart attack, and passed out – then slid down into a watery grave. Oh Whitney. Why?

Did she not know that she had damaged her heart with chronic substance abuse? The autopsy showed 60% narrowing of Whitney’s arteries – a direct result of her cocaine use. Which of course, led to that untimely cardiac event.

Will the lesson of her life be enough to stop others from chronic substance abuse or will we have to endure more stars falling from grace – trading their lives in for the thrill of living that lifestyle.

And so here I am faced with the reality. Superstars pay a super price when they are not fully grounded in Christ; Just like the rest of us. But their fall is always louder because they are more publicly known. Everybody is constantly in their business both good and bad.

Was Whitney the first person to die from cocaine use? No. Remember Len Bias? Is she the last? Unfortunately, I don’t think so.

I am disappointed. I wanted better for her even though she never knew my name. I wanted her to turn around and place her full confidence and security in the Savior that she so often spoke about. What about Him wasn’t enough? He’s everything! Why the cocaine, Whitney? Why?

I guess I just don’t understand. But one thing this has reminded me of is to not put my hope in man (Psalm 146:3, Isaiah 2:22) but instead to allow it to rest in its proper place – with God.

Well, that’s that. Christians, let’s stay grounded.

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