The Shift Underway

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Have you ever observed a shift change. Maybe at a factory or some other industrial type setting. You see folks scurrying in to punch a time clock and other folks sauntering out, having just completed a long day. There is a distinct contrast in the workers. Those going in have more gusto in their walk and those leaving seem to have left all their gusto at the workplace. They gave their all during that time. 

I used to watch this contrast of people moving – all making their way to a destination. Home or work. I wondered what happened in the day of some who, having worked all day, moved slowly to their cars. While others, in the same group, could get to their car a little quicker. Almost like they were excited to leave. Not to say that they hadn’t given their all in the workplace that they – more that they held some energy in reserve for what they may do after the work day. 

I also observe this shift as it gets underway at church. I won’t tell you what I observe there but think about it in terms of your own church. What do you see as the shifts? 

As for me, I have more energy when I am at the house of the Lord longer…because the shift that is going on in me is different. I am transforming. I release the troubles of the week and gain strength for the coming days. So when I leave, I tend to have more gusto in my walk – I haven’t left all of my energy inside the walls of the church. I am recharged in the church and take my energy with me outside of the church for God’s glory. That’s the shift underway with me. What about you? 
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Hey! Long time. I know. But look, everything is getting a fresh look on the blog. I started this process quite by accident…hence the blog title. The redesign wasn’t in the plan for this week. I just hit the wrong button at the wrong time and now, well, we are in redesign mode. No worries. I’m not sweating it. I think I may like this new look. Give me a few days to schedule in a blog redesign and maybe you’ll like what you see! 

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