New Things

How do you prepare for something new?
From what I’ve observed, the answer to that question largely depends on the nature of the “new” object or change.
For instance, buying a “new” car may require cleaning the garage or new family rules about eating in the “new” car. Yet, buying a new outfit may require losing weight or tossing out a worn-out garment. This seems logical when the “new” is material. But what happens when the “new” is spiritual.
For instance, if you are feeling the Lord prepare you for another level, how do you personally get ready for that? How do you prepare for growth?
Well, I can tell you how that doesn’t happen. It doesn’t happen watching the latest episode of your favorite reality television show. It doesn’t happen gabbing on the phone with your BFF about the latest fashion trends and things posted by TMZ.
It does happen when we will set aside time to be alone with God. It does happen when we study our Bible. It does happen when we actively participate in the teachings and trainings about God that may be offered through our local church. Growth can happen if you/we will position yourself/ourselves to be near the Living Water. God’s truths will take root in your/our heart and given the proper attention and maintenance, they will flourish.
I’m preparing for something “new” in my spirit life. I don’t want to become so stagnated that I become a pool of standing water, infested with bug larvae. Umm…that’s gross.  Instead, I want to stay fresh, and current. A vessel that God can use for His glory. So, I’m getting closer to Him by reading and studying His Word. I’m preparing for a new season. And even as I prepare, I am excited to see where this will go – how it will twist and turn. I can’t see that far down the road and tomorrow is not promised, but I trust God. Cheers to “new” things!
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I Tried Goose!

I tried something new.

Last night, in traditional fashion for this area, I had goose for dinner, with sauerkraut, purple cabbage (can’t remember the right name) and a potato ball that wasn’t a potato ball. It looked like a softball, but it was squishy, kinda gooey, kinda tasty…made partly from potatoes.

I ate so much stuff last night that I would normally walk right by. But, the menu was set. So, therefore, goose – a huge piece and the other items with bread and salad and dessert were the main attraction.

One of the desserts was hazel nut and chocolate, but the blend, consistency and shape put me in mind of something a puppy would pass. But, nevertheless, I soldiered on and much to my taste surprise, it was more than yummy.

I guess you can’t always judge a book by it’s cover.

So, I plan to wrap up my trip here and fly back home. I’m praying and asking God for a smooth trip. We have enough rough air on the trip over here.

Have a great weekend.

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Do Something New!

Now, this is cold weather. It is 2 degrees celcius. That’s real cold for a chick from North Carolina. I have the proper gear of course – dressed head to toe in warmth but you still have to go outside! In Europe, lots of walking (and bike riding) is done. In Erlangen, the same is true. We park far and walk long. And, parking is at a premium. But, I’m not complaining. I need the exercise – especially after I ate all of that GREAT bread last night.

Who would have thought that I would be spending so much time in Germany? I once dated an American soldier who dreamed of being stationed in Germany. We were standing in line at a restaurant, and he initiated a conversation with the family standing next to us. That’s where I learned how badly he wanted to be stationed in Germany. He told them that WE would be stationed there soon. That he had put in the paperwork for it. The husband and wife at that time said, “Wow – Germany!” They talked about it more and more and the more real it became, the blood must have flown out of my face because the husband looked at me and said, “Well, she doesn’t look so sure about Germany.” Who would have ventured to guess that now, I would be on my fifth trip since 2007 – things have a way of working themselves out.

So, why have I told you all of this about cold weather and Germany?

I want to get you to think about broadening your territory.

It’s easy to do the run-of-the-mill things. It’s harder to break from your routine and experience something new. So, today, I ask that you do just that. Do something new today that you’ve never done before. And, I believe that you will find the break from your routine rewarding. Pray about what to do – then do it!

And lastly, share with us bloggers here! We want to know too!

God Bless,

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