People WILL Show You Who They Are

It may take a little while or it may happen quickly, but rest assured, people will always show you who they are. It is impossible to keep up a farce forever. There are always tell-tell signs. The problem is that most of us will ignore those tell-tell signs or if we do see them, we justify them as something else; in order to keep believing what we want to be true about a person. Don’t fall into this trap. The truth of the matter is simply this, people will always show you who they are. Always. You just have to believe them.



Now, when this is a good thing, embrace it. Value their strength of character. But, when this is a bad thing, please don’t ignore it. Take heed. Be Alert. And evaluate whether or not this is the type of person you want to surround yourself with. Does this person uphold the same values as you do? Does this person serve the same God as you do? Does this person esteem you and lift you up or does this person drain you and pull you down? When you watch this person, do you see them trying to live for God or trying to live for themselves? Have you gotten still long enough to ask whether or not this is the type of person that God wants you to be around?
In this time of easy gratification and instant access, we can sometimes take our relationships too fast. And when we zip down the freeway of love, the caution signs on the side of the road become a blur. And the faster we go, the more likely that we will lose control and crash our vehicles. Then we have to deal with the crumpled heap of our emotions, and sometimes our physical bodies. Wouldn’t it have just been easier to go slow? Why are we in a rush? For what? God is never in a rush. God has the plan. He takes His time in implementing it. And His plans are always good.
So, let’s be like Him, eh? Let’s take some time to get to know one another. And let’s take the appropriate time to observe exactly who it is that we are getting involved with. The time you take in building the foundation of your relationship will shore up the rest of your relationship. So, take some time and build it right. And no matter what, keep your eyes OPEN.  
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