Three Reasons to Consider Staycations

Ah vacation! The time-honored part of our work year when we get paid for not working.

Working at an international company, I have the privilege to observe how others countries take part in vacation. And I must say, their way is much better in my opinion than my own. I typically work way too long without having a break and then I hastily plan a trip, spend too much time in travel either by car or air (because let’s face it, unless you leave at zero-dark-thirty, with both road and air traffic, you’re not going anywhere fast these days) and then, by the time I get there and get settled, it’s time to come back. It’s crazy.

So, this year, I decided on a staycation. I took a planned trip that was intentionally short, but I also planned time to stay at home. I needed the rest more than I needed a chance of scenery. If you find yourself needing more rest than a change of scenery, here are three reasons things to consider:

1. Staycations are not for home projects

Yep. I said it. I know we want to maximize the most out of the time that we have. I’ve been guilty of it. But when I take on projects when I’m supposed to be resting, I don’t return to work rested. I return to work just as tired, if not more tired… Weekends are for projects. Staycations are not.

2. Staycations can save you money

And with this uncertain economic climate, I think we could all afford to save some dough. I still spend but it’s on things that promote rest – like massages or things that help me to relax. Of course, your money, your choice.

3. Staycations can help you realize what you have

Now, this may seem a strange thought. But, for sure, many of you can relate. I work so much that sometimes I don’t realize or have time to focus on the cool things that my house offers. Look around and enjoy the view. And this includes getting to know your neighbors.

I’m happy that I took a staycation this year. It helped me come back to some things that I had been missing…like writing on this blog!

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